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Alex Warren’s Sobriety Is Because of His Mom

Binesh Shrestha


Alex Warren has been through a lot for someone his age. Sadly, the 22-year-old has already lost both of his parents.

Despite being the youngest, he also made sure to assist his siblings and help them in their life. Furthermore, he also does not drink alcohol because of his late mother.

Lost His Mom to Addiction

The YouTuber’s mother passed away in October 2021. In an emotional YouTube video, Alex Warren expressed his feelings and shared his sorrows with over 2 million subscribers.

After Alex’s father passed away, his mother became an alcoholic. Sadly, she has been battling with addiction all her life. It became more severe after her husband’s death.

Later, Alex’s mom succumbed to liver and renal failure, which were irreversible. Doctors said there wasn’t much to do to make her feel comfortable.

When Alex first got the news, he didn’t know how to take it. He has always been open about his relationship with his late mother.

When they lived together, Alex was her surrogate on who to pick on and blame for her alcohol abuse.

The duo never saw eye-to-eye when they were together. She wasn’t also a big fan of what he was doing. When he said he wanted to be homeschooled and pursue his career as a YouTuber, he was kicked out at 17 by her.

However, he was looking forward to the day when their relationship would mend. There was a ray of hope for some time as she had started attending AA meetings to tackle her alcohol addiction.

Thus, Alex was really heartbroken after her demise.

Despite their relationship being in turmoil, Alex always had good things to say about his mom. He had said she was not bad and only made a lot of mistakes. When she was drunk, she wouldn’t be her true self.

Overall, she was a loving, caring, and compassionate person, and Alex always wanted to remember her that way.

Also, he revealed in an interview that his mom was the worst person drunk, and she was often drunk than sober. That is why he never drank.

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Alex’s Dad Died After Losing Cancer Battle

Alex’s childhood couldn’t be more tragic. Unfortunately, his father passed away when he was just nine years old. Mr. Warren had been battling cancer for a long time. As per Alex, he won most of the battles.

But unfortunately, he lost in the end. The father-son duo had a great relationship, considering Alex often posts about his late dad. In a heartwarming post, the social media star stated that his father was an amazing person and influenced him greatly.

Alex Warren, at times posts about his father. [Source: Instagram]

He ended the post by stating everything he did was to make him proud and hoped to see him again.

All in all, Alex hasn’t shared many details regarding his parents. He has never mentioned their names and what profession they were engaged in before passing away.

What is evident is he loves both of them dearly.

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Parent Figure to His Older Siblings

Alex is the youngest of four siblings. He has an older brother and sister named Grant Hughes and Lauren Hughes, respectively, and a younger sister named Ashley Hughes.

As stated earlier, the brothers and sisters didn’t have a great childhood, as they lost their father to cancer, and their mother was an alcoholic. Nevertheless, Alex took it upon himself to help his siblings get a better life.

Alex Warren with brother Grant and sister Ashley. [Source: Instagram]

He helped his brother Grant, who is a marine. Since he was getting paid only $200 every two weeks, Alex, with his girlfriend Kouvr Annon, moved him into a new apartment. Furthermore, he also provided him with $10K, a car, and filled his apartment.

One of his sisters was taken by their uncle to San Fransisco when their mom kicked her out too. When she hadn’t got money for her college, Alex helped her as well.

Though Alex had to go through multiple atrocities in the past, he persevered through them all.