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Alison Victoria’s Boyfriend Embroiled in ‘Windy City Rehab’ Controversy

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Alison Victoria has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Michael Marks, for a long time. He is her strongest supporter, both emotionally and financially.

When she failed to sell the Lincoln Park property, which she renovated, her boyfriend came to her rescue and bought the property. Albeit, he claimed otherwise.

A Jarring Inconsistency in ‘Windy City Rehab’

Alison Victoria, the host of the extremely successful home flipping show Windy City Rehab, boasted about making a $780,000 profit on a Lincoln Park property on camera.

She remodeled a brick multi-unit rental building at 2433 N. Janssen Ave at the beginning of the first season of the show in early 2019.

Then she claimed that she closed off the deal for $2.2 million, with a huge profit to her bottom line.

Suspiciously, a year later, in 2020, in another episode of the show, her comments recounting the precise sale price and profit margin were edited out.

Furthermore, a graphic that aired in a later episode was changed to reflect a lower sale price of $1.567 million and a much smaller profit of $147,000.

Alison Victoria [Photo: Instagram]

The initial $2.2 million deal Victoria boasted about in the episode was not reflected in public records either. Surprisingly, her boyfriend ended up purchasing the property.

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Alison’s Boyfriend Stepped in to Save Her

Well, months after the episode was aired, Michael bought the property through CLYBOURN AVE., LLC, a company registered in his name.

However, if one were to follow the show’s broadcast, there was no mention of who bought the property—neither the supposed $2.2 million buyer nor the host’s boyfriend, who supposedly acquired the estate for a little over $1.5 million.

Marks later claimed in an email to the Sun-Times that the transaction was not made on a personal level, rather, it was done with the consent of all stakeholders and at arm’s length.

He also stated that the sale was conducted after the airing of the first episode. Later, it concluded after offering the property for sale to potential buyers. Michael added that it was not concealed in any way.

Likewise, her lawyer also stated in an email statement that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Alison gave her family and her boyfriend, Michael Marks, credit for helping her maintain her optimism in the face of a very trying year in an interview with People.

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Who Is Michael Marks?

Michael Marks is the managing director of the Real estate company Cushman & Wakefield based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He was later promoted to the position of Executive Director. In addition, he is the co-leader of the firm’s Chicago Retail Investment Sales practice.

He completed his graduation in B.S. from The Carroll School of Management at Boston College. Prior to joining C&W, he worked at the commercial property company Marcus & Millichap.

There, he was a top producer for the company, winning multiple sales Achievement Awards. As a skilled investment sales broker, he handled the deals of the top prestigious companies, including JP Morgan, Thor Equities, Acadia Realty Trust, Sterling Bay, and others.

Alison Victoria
Alison Victoria rarely posts about her love life [Photo: Instagram]

Mark has a deep understanding of the regional market. This enabled him to transact on some of the most prestigious retail corridors in the Chicago market.

He has been in the real estate industry for over twenty years and has transacted aggregate sales of $3 billion, as per his LinkedIn.

Mr. Marks also specializes in urban retail properties with a concentration on assets situated along flourishing local retail corridors and recognized high streets.

Prior to Michael, Alison’s only known relationship is her marriage.

As per Distractify, Alison Victoria and her former husband, Luke Harding, initially met through Match.com. While speaking to Chicago Splash, she divulged that the two met in 2011 when they were looking for a partner.

Victoria told the outlet, “I married Luke because he was the guy that was my biggest fan.” She also added he was super proud. The former couple exchanged marital vows in November 2013. Unfortunately, the pair have already parted ways.