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Sierra Capri’s Parents Divorced When She Was 12

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The American actress Sierra Capri’s parents were divorced when she was only 12 years old. Nevertheless, both of them were present in her life.

Eventually, Sierra got her breakthrough role in the drama series On My Block, which gained a lot of attention from netizens and publications. In the series, a single father raised her. But in real life, she was raised by her single mother.

Sierra Capri Was Raised by a Single Mother

Sierra’s father is a musician, and her mother, Felicia Guyton, is an activist and philanthropist. In addition, as per Vulture, her mom was a dancer and singer.

But her parents separated before her teenage years. Then she was raised by her single mother in Baltimore, Maryland, alongside her three brothers.

Thus, she has a close-knit relationship with her mother. Sierra also doesn’t forget to wish her mom on special days. In May 2020, Capri wished her mother a Happy Birthday and expressed her gratitude for having her as both a mother and a friend. Plus she thanked her mom for her endless support.

Sierra Capri wished happy birthday to her Mom in May 2020 [Photo: Facebook]

In addition, Capri also wished her mom on Mother’s Day and thanked her for the dance lesson which she taught her. Not only Capri, Felicia also has shared multiple pictures of Sierra and promoted her movies through her Instagram profile.

Her mom once shared some intimate moments where they could be seen having a good time together. Although she does not share much, Sierra has revealed that she is also close with her dad.

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Sierra Capri’s Mother, Felicia Guyton, Is a Cancer Survivor

The stunning actress’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. However, her mother successfully recovered from it.

In May 2022, she shared a post on her birthday by uploading her pictures and said that her birthday marked four months of cancer free.

Further, she penned in the caption, “With God, all things are possible, reflecting on where we started til now. New beginnings are upon us, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and my baby.”

Felicia, in June 2023, said in her post that she had never thought that she would perform on the (dance) stage after 25 years and also as a cancer survivor.

She continued that without God, family, and friends in her life, it wouldn’t have been possible. So, she professed, “I will cherish this moment forever.”

Sierra Promised Her Parents She Would Get a College Degree First

As stated earlier, Sierra came from an entertainment family, and she always wanted to be an actor. From a young age, she had a passion for acting. Though her parents had education as her first priority.

So, while following her passion in Hollywood, she maintains both education and acting. The actress has always wanted to act, but she made a vow to her parents that she would finish college first. As a result, her path to Netflix was a winding one.

She told to the Hollywood Reporter, “I was still doing it on the side and being an extra and submitting myself for projects” during her college. She debuted her acting career in Hidden Figures.

Sierra Capri [Photo: Instagram]

There, she met a woman who did self-tape coaching. Therefore, she reached out to her, and when she found On My Block, she was the one that helped her with it.

Two weeks later, after submitting an audition tape, the producer contacted her and requested to fly to LA for a chemistry read with other actors.

Well, Sierra was pretty shocked when she got the role. So after that, she called her mother, asking what she should do. Like a supportive mother, Felicia said she could always go back to completing her degree, as acting was something she always wanted.

Who is Sierra Capri?

The American actress was born on September 8, 1998, in Baltimore, MD. Her passion for acting led to her in the role of Netflix series On My Block in 2018.

Her career skyrocketed overnight as the series aired on different platforms. Although she appeared as an extra in her debut film, Hidden Figures was nominated for an Oscar; her second project (On My Block) eventually gained more attention from folks.

Capri got that role through an online casting website while studying at Armstrong State University. Due to her acting abilities, she was chosen for the part.

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Sierra started her modeling career while residing in Georgia. In addition to acting projects, Capri has also worked as a model at numerous fashion shows and events in Georgia.