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Despite Having a Wife, Rollo Tomassi Is Still Against Marriage

Himal Ale Magar


The author of the Rational Male book, Rollo Tomassi, is commonly referred to as the ‘Godfather’ of intersexual Red Pill awareness. He has been married for more than two decades to his wife, but he still advocates his thoughts against practices inside the marriage and the laws that are against men.

Rollo further expressed how marriage was no longer a stable means to raise a child. He added that statistically, men would have their children removed from their influence and become his financial liability.

Why Is Rollo Tomassi Against Marriage?

Rollo has a strong sense of advocacy regarding his thoughts on marriage. In an interview with Michael Frank on Life Lessons, he stated that he was strongly against marriage. The author believed the idea of long-term relationships and marriage was dangerous in this day and age.

He added it was risky and had a lot of downsides. He mentioned any form of legal marriage was a raw deal for guys as it had 0% authority and 100% responsibility.

Further, Rollo noted some people might question that he was married, and he’s opinions were invalid. He stated that if he were to do it all over again, if he lost his wife, and he decided he liked some other girl, he would not marry that girl because he would not take the risk.

He further went on to say that he’d been married for 23 years and a parent for 20 years but expressed that his success as a dad and spouse came directly from being red pill aware.

Rollo shared that to have a successful long-term relationship, one would have to understand the nature of the women. He added that they would have to accept it and work within those parameters.

Besides, he also revealed to have a successful marriage, one would need a woman who wanted to be in their life. He suggested finding someone who could accept them as an authority.

Additionally, Rollo stated that in Western cultures, men have put themselves in a monogamous relationship. The author implied it was putting them at risk. He further expressed, “We live in the age of fempowerment and “Me too,” so it’s very, very dangerous.”

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What Is the Reason Behind His Successful Marriage with His Wife?

The author of the book series The Rational Male got married to his wife in July 1996. As per the information on his blog, Rollo celebrated his 16th Anniversary on July 20th, 2012.

In his blog, Rollo mentioned that he had a good marriage with his wife, which has raised questions about his secret for keeping things positive.

Regarding the question, Rollo started with a background, where he mentioned his marriage with his wife, Mrs. Tomassi, was his first. The author revealed that he met his wife and dated her for eight months, and finally proposed to her.

Rollo Tomassi [Photo: Instagram]

As per his words, Rollo and his wife got married when he was 28 years old. Eventually, the couple decided to have a baby two years after being married.

Rollo further revealed he had to unlearn all the feminized and emasculated teaching he had been taught for the past 26 years or so.

The author further added he had to read some of Dr. Warren Farrell’s books to understand his gender conditioning.

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Rollo Tomassi’s Thoughts on Qualities to Look in a Wife

In the interview with Michael Frank, author Rolly talked about the qualities a guy should look for in a woman. He implied it was important if someone wanted to marry a woman they liked.

Regarding the subject matter, Rollo expressed that he did not believe in the concept of “quality women.” He went on to say that the respective idea was an idealization that most blue pill males had.

Further, Rollo added it was a disservice for guys to think in terms of what was quality and what was not. He believed it was a versatile terminology that was applied to women.

Rollo Tomassi [Photo: Instagram]

For context, the author said, “When a guy is getting married and you’re saying “I do” at the altar, she’s a “quality woman,” but when he’s signing the divorce papers, she’s “that [explicit] I married,” and she’s no longer that quality woman. So it’s this kind of versatile terminology that we apply to women.”

So, from his perspective, there were no “quality women” but just women. Rollo believed one might not do himself a favor by building her up to an ideal.

The author shared that one might be putting his guard down by trusting a woman’s nature and believing in the ideal that she was a quality woman.

Rollo stated, My woman is quality, so she wouldn’t be hypergamous.” No, she’s a woman, she’s hypergamous.”

He concluded his thoughts on the subject by implying some women were better fit for them than others, and some were better fit for monogamy than others.