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Minttu Vesala: All You Need to Know about the Finnish Model

Binesh Shrestha


Minttu Vesala captured the attention of many after being the muse of Balenciaga. The Finnish model’s unique stride has stood out in many shows.

While many models walk with poise, Minttu has a different approach that consists of an arched back and walking fast, looking rather tense. According to their Instagram handle, Minttu prefers the, they, and them pronouns, not confining oneself to the gender spectrum.

Family Is Involved in the Entertainment Industry

Minttu Vesala was born to parents Edward Vesala and Mervi Pohjanheimo in 1974. However, sites such as Legit state that they were born on October 21, 1972. Plus, according to The Fashion Spot, they have already crossed 50.

In addition, Minttu has a sister, Mari Vesala. She is a composer, journalist, singer, and music technologist. Mari has worked in multiple TV series such as Ei itketä lauantaina, Levyraati, and Kymppitonni.

Furthermore, their father, Edward, was born on February 15, 1945, as Martti Juhani Vesala in Mäntyharju, Finland. He was a well-known avant-garde jazz composer, drummer, and band leader.

Minttu’s father attended Sibelius Academy in Helsinki to study music theory and orchestral percussion. Over the years, he had released many albums, including Belladyna, Nordic Gallery, Nam Madol, Lumi, and Ode to the Death of Jazz, to name a few.

Edward was also married to Iro Haarla, a pianist and harpist. Unfortunately, he passed away because of heart failure on December 4, 1999, in his home outside Helsinki.

Furthermore, they have two half-sisters, Lumi Vesala and Aniida Vesala, from their dad’s side.

Minttu’s mother is a talented producer and director born on June 10, 1945. Mervi was previously a producer’s assistant. According to IMDb, her directorial debut was in the TV series Tupla tai kuitti in 1972.

Since then, she has showcased her skills in other top projects, including Tulisuudelma, Seppo Hovin seurassa, Mä oon mikä oon, and Pelastuspartio Pellekaija Pum.

After divorcing Edward, Mervi married Erkki Pohjanheimo in 1993, and has been together since then. She also has a stepdaughter named Pauliina Pohjanheimo from her marriage with Erkki.

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A Person with Multiple Talents

There is much more to Minttu than just being a renowned model.

They first appeared as a child performer in Lapsen vuosisata in 1979. Then, they were one of the scriptwriters of the music videos Waldo: It’s About Time and Soup De Loop: What Was Said And Done in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

They have also worked in the costume department of Kemopetrol: Child Is My Name, Vesala: Mul ei oo lapsuudensankarii, and Polar Night Magic, among others.

In addition, Minttu has shown their acting skills in W and Baby Jane, portraying the characters of Sairaanhoitaja and Leva, respectively.

Discogs has referred to the 49-year-old as a singer and has credited their work as a stylist in Jussu Pöyhönen’s Jussu, Kaija Koo’s Mikään Ei Riitä, Annie’s Don’t Stop, Manna (5)’s Songs Of Hope And Desire and Maija Vilkkumaa’s Kunnes Joet Muuttaa Suuntaa.

Minttu was the PR manager of Finland’s first Louis Vuitton store in Helsinki. They also previously worked at Hensinki10 as a concept designer and a fashion buyer and were Nomen Nescio’s Communications and Marketing Manager.

They also led the radio program AJAN HENKI, where they discussed the Internet’s dark side, the third gender, artificial intelligence, and other intriguing topics.

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Represented by Tiad Modeling Agency

As per Minttu’s Instagram bio, they are currently represented by The Tomorrow Is Another Day modeling agency.

They have a height of 5 feet 8 inches, with a 78 chest, 63 waist, and 86 hips. Minttu has walked for top fashion brands, including Balenciaga, and also appeared on the cover of Re-Edition Magazine.

Minttu Vesala [Source: Instagram]

As stated above, their popularity skyrocketed when they closed the Balenciaga fashion show. The stylist turned many heads with their mud walk, which many Finnish could relate to as every Finn walking to their work in winter.

Well, Minttu draws their style from Finnish melancholy and their own roots. As per them, anyone is suitable for catwalks when they have the right attitude.

The average salary of a model falls between $44,722 and $66,261 in the US. Considering they have worked for top brands, Minttu Vesala’s net worth must be grand.