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Daniel Sloss proposed Kara in a raincoat and she walked off

Suyasha Rupakheti


Daniel Sloss popped the question to his wife, Kara Sloss (née Mitchell), after spending lockdown together. Since she had no idea that he was going to propose, the proposal almost went wrong. 

The comedian has talked about how his lover helped him get through uncertain times. Now, the duo enjoys a blissful family life.

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Kara Walked Off When Daniel Proposed

If there is love, nothing else matters. Daniel Sloss proved it right when proposing to his better half. They did not choose a grand ceremony or expensive attire. Instead, they were engaged in raincoats.

The pair went for a walk every day during lockdown, and it was just another day for the unsuspecting Kara.

It was raining, but that did not stop Kara Sloss’ beau. He thought to himself that if he waited for a non-rainy day in Scotland, he would never get to propose. 

The Scottish comedian got down on one knee on February 2, 2021.

Daniel Sloss Proposed To His Wife, Kara Sloss, in a raincoat. (Photo: Instagram)

The girlfriend had no idea what he was going on, or rather, she had the wrong idea. Talking to Daily Record, the comedian revealed that she thought he was tying his shoelace.

So, when he got down on one knee in a puddle, she walked off.

Unlike usual proposals, Daniel’s first words to his wife-to-be were, “Kara will you [expletive] turn around, please.”

Well, she did not say yes but took the ring out of his hand. 

Pandemic Made Sloss Propose His Wife

Daniel, who spent several years doing shows and traveling around the world, felt like a bird in a cage due to the pandemic. 

All credit goes to Kara, who straightened him out when he was having difficulty adjusting to the lockdown during the pandemic. 

Furthermore, during the first 18 months with her, the comedian was away during the X tour. At the same time, he couldn’t handle the number of gigs he was doing and drinking too much.

After the tour finished, the couple got two months together, and then Covid hit.

Daniel wholeheartedly believed: “There’s no bigger test for your relationship than spending every hour of every day in each other’s company.”

Having survived “the test,” Daniel could not wait to express his love any longer.

A Traditional Scottish Wedding

Daniel and Cara have been dating since 2017. He admitted to being in a relationship in 2020. For him, she was the most perfect person, and he loved her with all his heart. 

Although the duo got engaged in 2021, the wedding was not until 2023 because he wanted as many of his international friends to come to Scotland

Finally, in May 2023, the lovebirds walked down the aisle in a traditional Scottish ceremony that took place at Wedderlie house, Gordon. 

aniel Sloss and Kara Sloss got married in a traditional Scottish wedding ceremony. (Photo: Instagram)

Friends and families gathered to bless the newlyweds. The photograph they shared showed how lovely the ceremony was.

Daniel’s Spouse Gave Birth to Their Son

On February 9, 2022, Daniel Sloss’ son, Caelan William Sloss, arrived into this world. Mrs. Sloss shared the news of his arrival on her social media without showing his face or revealing his name. 

Daniel Sloss’ wife revealed the face and name of their baby boy in March 2022. The lovebirds celebrated their first Father’s Day and Mother’s Day by sharing pictures with their kid. 

Daniel Sloss’ spouse did a 39-week transformation after their baby boy in November 2022. She has updated fans on how Caelan is growing up. 

Just like the Sloss couple, Gary Drayton and his wife, Gail Sauve, are also proud parents.

The lovely family of three is living their best life. With their baby boy, the couple has settled well into their lives now.