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Park Seo-joon Is Finally Getting Married, or Is He?

Dinesh Shrestha


In July 2023, a picture of Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young went viral on the internet. It appeared like they were getting married as they donned wedding outfits and held hands.

Netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when they found out the handsome actor was finally getting married. So, no wonder his wedding pictures went viral.

Was Park Really Married?

In the wedding picture, Park Seo-joon was seen with actress Park Bo-young wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

Then the duo’s fans eventually thought about their marriage. They were so excited that they shared it immediately on social media.

But netizens were left stunned when they found out the wedding picture was actually from their upcoming movie Concrete Utopia.

It’s a thriller film that will be released in August 2023. There, Park Seo-joon is a family man, and his character is married to Park Bo-young’s character.

Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young’s wedding picture from the movie [Photo: Twitter]

The picture gathered a lot of attention from people. The actress also shared behind-the-scenes from the wedding shoot. She revealed that the initial shot of the movie was a wedding scene, and she felt embarrassed about it.

Remembering her first meeting with the actor, she revealed, “After meeting Park Seo Joon for the first time, I greeted him and immediately had to wear a wedding dress. It was our first meeting, and I wasn’t sure if I could act too affectionate or if it would be seen as rude.”

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Park Seo-Joon Fueled Romance Rumors with YouTuber Xooos

The South Korean actor neither confirmed the rumor nor denied that he was dating the YouTuber and singer Kim Soo Yeon, mainly known as Xooos.

A day after the rumor was widely spread, Seo-joon spoke at the press conference of Concrete Utopia in Seoul and stated that he had heard the news just days before.

The initial thing that he felt after reading the news was he was obtaining a lot of attention. But he neither denied nor confirmed, saying, “But, as an actor, it’s really difficult for me to talk more about my personal life.”

He hoped that the attention that had been put on him would be shifted to the film.

Park Seo-joon and Kim Soo Yeon [Photo: Instagram/Park Seo-joon/Xooos]

As per the local news reports, he was in a relationship with her, and the actor even introduced her to his friends, including V of the boy band BTS and Jennie of the girl group Blackpink.

Furthermore, Kim Soo Yeon also attended the launch event of Jennie’s Calvin Klein collection. The duo was also seen together in London in early 2023.

Park Seo-joon and Kim Da-Mi: Are the Dating Rumors True?

The South Korean actor and actress Kim Da-Mi were rumored to be dating back in 2021. But the two never responded to it.

However, one member on Reddit took the topic and posted a screenshot pointing out the details that would support the rumors.

As per the screenshot, the actor’s manager accompanied the actress on her show, and later the footage of the manager got deleted after the agency noticed.

Kim Da Mi and Park Seo-joon [Photo: Instagram/Park Seo-joon/Kim Da-Mi]

Moreover, his younger brother’s private Instagram post featured the actress’s favorite song with the caption “SHE.”

The actor’s brother previously had a public Instagram but deleted it after another actress attacked him.

Furthermore, the actress’s best friend also liked several pictures of the couple made by netizens. Even more, some staff of him followed her, but after fans noticed, they unfollowed her.

In addition, the actor stylist has a business account and liked some of the couple’s pictures. Some fans even noticed her unique laugh in his Live. But that part got cut out by his agency when they uploaded the video on his channel.

Despite all these evidences, they never verified the rumor.

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Park Seo-joon and Brie Larson: Fueling Romance Rumors in ‘The Marvels

Korean actor will be starring in the upcoming installation of The Marvels in a new role, making his Hollywood debut.

Park Seo-joon will allegedly have a romantic relationship with Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson. He has a brief appearance in the two minutes and twenty seconds trailer.

In the trailer, he can be once seen with long hair, dressed in an acceptable attire fit for his rumored role of a prince. Additionally, the actor dipped Carol Danvers in a dance scene.

Marvel has announced the film will release on November 20, 2023.