Suyasha Rupakheti is known for her hawk-eyed ability to uncover spicy detail about celebrities. Nothing escapes her watchful eye. Her writing will take you on a ride to never-known-before or often-missed details that will leave you astounded. Also, she likes a good pun.

Suyasha Rupakheti


Mat Armstrong and His Girlfriend Celebrating Years of Love

Suyasha Rupakheti

Mat Armstrong and his girlfriend, Hanna Smith, are interested in cars. They have known each other for ages now. Learn more about her.


The Power of Love: Garand Thumb & His Current Wife’s Story

Suyasha Rupakheti

Get to know the marital journey of Garand Thumb and his wife Ashley Jones, and the heart-warming captions they share on social media.


Lily Chee’s Parents Are No Longer Together, or So It Seems

Suyasha Rupakheti

Fans have stated Lily Chee's parents are not together. She is one of the three children of her father, Max Chee, and her mother, Rebecca Chee.


Meet PFT Commenter’s Wife, Stephanie Sollenberger

Suyasha Rupakheti

Introducing you to PFT Commenter's wife, Stephanie Sollenberger. Did you know they have been together for more than a decade?


Bob Menery Doesn’t Follow Summer Sheekey: Have They Split?

Suyasha Rupakheti

Bob Menery and his relationship with his girlfriend, Summer Sheekey, was full of ups and downs. They don't follow one another anymore.


Lamorne Morris’s Daughter Is Three Years Old

Suyasha Rupakheti

Lamorne Morris has a three year old daughter. Also, unlike her baby mama, he has spoken a lot about his past love life.


Has Sarah Tiana Married Her Long-Time Beau Chris Brockman?

Suyasha Rupakheti

Having been together since 2016, when is Sarah Tiana making Chris Brockman her husband? Find out how they met and their love story.


Amaury Guichon’s Wedding with Fiona Bergson Has Ended, or So It Seems

Suyasha Rupakheti

Did Fiona Bergson and Amaury Guichon, who tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony due to Covid, call it quits? Let's find out.

‘Family Game Night’ Host Todd Newton Is Married Again

Suyasha Rupakheti

Take a look at Todd Newton's love life. Find out how the gameshow host is enjoying a blissful marital life with his wife Markie Leigh Newton.


Ravneet Gill Makes a Pregnancy Reveal Weeks After Her Surprise Wedding

Suyasha Rupakheti

Ravneet Gill and her husband are pregnant with their first child. She shared the news just two months shy of her wedding revelation.

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