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What is Michelle Tribble Doing Now?

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As of now, Michelle Tribble works at a restaurant and is embracing motherhood. She has been working hard to make her name in the culinary industry.

In April 2021, Tribble, winner of season 17 of the cooking reality show Hell’s Kitchen, made a special appearance in season 19. She was there to help Declan Horgan with his last challenge before the finals.

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Michelle Is Still Active in The Culinary Industry

Currently, Tribble works as the Director of Culinary Development at Gordon Ramsay North America.

She joined in April 2021 as the Culinary Development Executive Chef and started working as the Director in June 2023.

At the age of 24, Michelle claimed the top prize in Hell’s Kitchen. Following the victory, she worked at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen for two and a half years.

After leaving there, Tribble decided to return to her alma mater, Texas Women’s University, to finish her post-baccalaureate degree in nutrition (dietetics) and then pursue an MS in Nutrition.

According to Texas Women’s University website, Tribble has plans to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Now Tribble Is Busy With Motherhood

While handling her professional ventures, the chef also makes it a point to spend time with her family.

She has been dating Rian Johnson for some time now. Although the exact timeline of her relationship remains a mystery, she made it Instagram official in November 2021.

Furthermore, the couple shares a daughter together. Michelle Tribble’s daughter, Lucy Rain Johnson, was born on November 6, 2022.

Michelle and her partner are raising their kid with immense love and care. The family of three spends quality time together.

Claimed Victory on the Second Try

Michelle was one of the participants in season 14 of Hell’s Kitchen. She was placed third in the competitions.

In the season 17, Michelle decided to try her luck again. She is one of the youngest competitors in the show’s history.

Michelle’s second performance in the show brought her a victory. She became the first contestant who was part of the show in two different seasons, made it to the finals on her second try, and won.

Michelle Tribble won season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen. (Photo: Instagram)

Throughout the show, she worked hard to prove herself as a consistent chef.

After she clenched the victory, Gordon Ramsay stated, “Having the youngest of all-stars step up and win this competition is a testament to Michelle’s talent. At a very young age, she has already proven she is driven, creative, and commanding. She will be a great asset to HELL’S KITCHEN in Las Vegas.”

After winning the season of Hell’s Kitchen, Tribble began working as head chef at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. She made her mark there and helped bring the show to life.

Michelle Tribble’s Net Worth

According to Glassdoor, a head chef in the USA earns around $52,457 annually. So, as a head chef at Ceasars Palace, Michelle might have earned substantially.

Likewise, Michelle Tribble’s salary as Director of Culinary Development at Gordon Ramsay North America, her position as of now, might be notable.

Her resume does not end there. She started her career as the Lead Cook/Trainer at Wolfgang Puck. After working there for six years, from 2010 to 2016, she began working as R&D Culinary Innovations Intern at PepsiCo.

Furthermore, Tribble was also a meat cutter at Whole Foods Market. Her work has been loved by many, including Gordon Ramsay.

Thus, from all these career experiences. Michelle might have earned considerably. Although her exact net worth has not been revealed, we can have a vague assumption that Michelle Tribble’s net worth might be notable.

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Michelle enjoys her motherhood and her work. She loves sharing updates regarding her ventures and family through her Instagram.