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Park So-Dam’s Relationship Status: The Truth behind the Rumors

Binesh Shrestha


Park So-dam is no stranger to relationship rumors. Over the years, the beautiful Korean actress has been linked with multiple stars.

Furthermore, there were even reports that she could be married, and her husband was one of her co-stars.

Was She Married to ‘Record of Youth’ Co-star?

When Park So-dam was cast as the opposite of Park Bo-gum in the youth drama Record of Youth, their on-screen chemistry took many by surprise. The public not only received the pair’s courtship well, but there were rumors that the on-screen couple was secretly married to one another.

Plus, the pair’s undeniable reel-life romance could be somewhat seen in their real life as well. When Star News’ media video channel Star Plus uploaded the duo’s video, it gave off real-life couple vibes.

The video was titled ‘[Exclusive Video] Park Bo-gum-Park So-dam ‘Recording Youth’ ‘ The video seemed like a paparazzi video, recorded from somewhere far. It showed the duo working on a scene while walking hand in hand.

Eventually, fans were bewildered, with many exclaiming they looked much cuter than expected. The hype increased even more when the TV show was released.

There is a specific scene in the series where So-dam’s on-screen partner Bo-gum, asks for permission to kiss her. Looking at that, many fans declared it to be one of the healthiest K-drama relationships stating how they respected each other’s boundaries in the series.

Unfortunately, neither of the stars’ agencies confirmed anything regarding the pair’s relationship outside the camera.

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Rumors of Dating ‘Parasite’ Co-star Choi Woo-Shik

Before being linked to Park Bo-gum, the talented actress was also rumored to be in a relationship with Choi Woo-shik. The gossip began when the Parasite actor posted a photo with the caption “[translated]Sodam-ah, I’m impressed.. Your heart is very timely and pretty. Thank you”

The post showed the actor eating in front of a food truck, and the actor had tagged So-dam.

Park So-dam’s friendly gesture towards Choi Woo-shik. [Source: Instagram]

She later commented, “Good luck Oppa, do your best.” The meaning of the word oppa varies from being someone’s older brother to their boyfriend or husband. Because of that, fans speculated that the alleged couple might be dating.

Eventually, the food truck was sent by Park So-dam. It can be considered a friendly gesture knowing they worked in the same movie.

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Was Rejected Repeatedly by Her School Crush

Park So-dam isn’t the type of celebrity that would open up about their relationship. However, while having a guest appearance on the JTBC’s ‘Gamsung Camping’ TV show, she revealed she was rejected for two years.

When she was in middle school, So-dam liked a guy. Since she didn’t know the boy’s name, she and her close friend called him ‘school uniform guy’ as he looked amazing in his school uniform.

Surprisingly, she received a text message from an unknown number which later turned out to be her crush. The guy had apparently asked So-dam’s number to one of her friends.

Park So-dam had talked about her school crush. [Source: Instagram]

After having a nice conversation, the young pair went on a date. But shockingly, the guy told her he didn’t want to see her anymore as the date finished.

When asked the reason behind his decision, he replied that he wanted to focus on his studies as he was planning to join a foreign language school. Nevertheless, things didn’t go as planned for him.

All in all, So-dam couldn’t get over the guy and ended up asking him out three times over two years. Despite that, she was turned down all three times.

She even thought that there was no one for her except him and cryingly listened to GUMMY’s ‘If You Come Back’ for many nights.

In the end, it is not known if the actress is, in fact, in a relationship anyone at the moment. Her Instagram is filled with posts only related to her work, not hinting anything about her dating life.