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Are Tosin Morohunfola and Leilah Saadi married?

Dinesh Shrestha


Tosin Morohunfola and Leilah Saadi officially revealed their relationship in 2019 through Instagram. As a result, many of their followers now wanted to know if the pair were married or not.

People were curious as to whether the couple was married or not after Tosin routinely posted their photos.

Tosin Morohunfola and Leilah Saadi Went to Instagram Official

The actor revealed their relationship when he posted a picture of Leilah Saadi and conveyed birthday wishes to her via social media.

Tosin wrote, “It’s boo’s birthday! Happy 30th! And for this milestone, here are some wings so you can fly higher. Everything you want and more is in reach now.”

As of writing, the couple hasn’t made public statements about being married, and neither one of them has shared any pictures indicating otherwise.

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Leilah Saadi Is An Understanding Girlfriend

Tosin Morohunfola routinely posts pictures of himself with his boo, and he even mentioned his girl as an understanding girlfriend.

Leilah always had an interest in doing Yoga in the morning. In addition, she continuously showed her progression on social media.

Consider the 2018 post, where her trainer was coaching her in Ashtanga Yoga. She had done it in various positions and had continually posted it on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, she had also helped Tosin as he was working on getting himself in shape. Therefore, he mentioned her as an understanding girlfriend.

Further along in the caption, he felt proud of what he had accomplished physically in 2020.

Tosin Morohunfola wished his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day in 2021 [Photo: Instagram]

They also celebrated Valentine’s Day together in February, spending quality time together. Alongside a carousel of photos, he captioned, “Few of my favorite pictures from my favorite lady. Love Yours.”

The pair had a wonderful year in 2021, enjoying time together and celebrating various events. Tosin also shared his picture that was captured by Leilah.

She is a North Afro-American photographer. The couple also shares South African heritage, where Leilah Saadi is from Tunisian, and he is from Nigeria.

Tosin Morohunfola and his girlfriend, Leilah Saadi [Photo: Instagram]

Tosin Thanked His Mother For Supporting Him

Recently in May, Tosin posted a short video which was from two years ago on the Red carpet with his mother and thanked her for supporting him.

He further mentioned that his mother never hesitated to support o his dreams and has prayed more for him than any other being on earth.

Many people went to the comment section and wished, “Happy mother’s day.” A user penned, “She is beautiful…God bless her.”

Tosin Morohunfola’s mom, dad, and brothers [Photo: Instagram]

Recently he also shared his family picture and said, “Family keeps growing… Parents looking like they walked out the Matrix…. Brothers can’t take a serious picture.”

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Tosin’s Life Prior To Limelight

Tosin Morohunfola is an actor, writer, and director. He has appeared in various movies and TV shows.

He earned his degree from the University of Kansas in 2010, and his most notable accomplishment there was founding the Multicultural Theatre Initiative.

Tosin began his career in Kansas City at the Coterie Theatre, the Unicorn Theatre, and the Kansas City Rep Theatre before performing off-Broadway at the New Victory Theatre.

Tosin Morohunfola
Tosin Morohunfola [Photo: Instagram]

Then when he was in Chicago, he performed at several theatres like Goodman Theatre, Court Theatre, and others.

The actor also won the Best Supporting Actor from the Black Theatre Alliance for The Gospel of Lovingkindness.

He is a filmmaker primarily known for directing a justice police thriller series, On Sight. Tosin also directed a short film about fatherhood, family, and fear called Endowed.

He is a spoken word poet as well as an improviser. His stories emphasize empathy, awareness, and the idea that the average person can be a hero.