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Tim Ferriss’ Girlfriend Revelations: Tweets Only After Arguments

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Tim Ferriss hadn’t shared anything about his girlfriend or relationship on any social media platform but frequently tweeted after having a disagreement with his love.

Initially, Ferriss tweeted after having an argument with his half-Indian girlfriend back in 2015. The dispute between the pair was about whether to refer to individuals from India as Asian or Indian.

Tim Ferriss tweets after having a debate with his half-Indian girlfriend [Photo: Twitter]

In the post, he asked Indians whether they preferred to be called Indians or Asians. Many people replied in the comment section that there were no worries about calling both.

Then, he remained silent for five years and never tweeted afterward about the girl. It’s been a mystery about their relationship, whether they were together or not.

Tim Ferriss Brought up Girlfriend Again In 2020

Five years later, during the pandemic, the American entrepreneur again tweeted when his girlfriend asked him, “Are you on your period, too?.” Although he didn’t mention she was his half-Indian girlfriend or a different one.

The American entrepreneur was tracking too much about the pandemic, and his girl asked the question. Some Twitter users also supported his girlfriend and wrote, “She has a point. Has it helped you in anyway asides adding to paranoia?” in reply.

Tim Ferriss tweets after a disagreement with his girlfriend [Photo: Twitter]

Ferriss retweeted and said that tracking the details of Covid 19 helped him to prepare his family and loved ones ahead of nearly all shortages.

Just one year later, in 2021, he shared a photo of his dog and his girlfriend raising the middle finger on an Instagram post. He stated in the caption that his girlfriend was pissed off because he called his dog beautiful.

Tim-Ferriss’s girlfriend was pissed off when he called his dog beautiful [Photo: Instagram]

Besides these, he has not revealed the face of his lover. However, in June 2021, he talked about his plans to have kids. He mentioned his plans to see a fertility clinic and check that everything was good to go.

Ferriss talked about why he hesitated earlier to have babies and how he no longer had hesitations. Hopefully, he and his belle share the good news soon.

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From Middle-Class Struggles to Extraordinary Success

The famous author was born prematurely in a middle-class family on July 20, 1977. There was a high chance of falling sick due to being born earlier than the due date, but he survived successfully.

While growing up in New York, he showed a keen interest in gadgets and technical innovations. Despite being from the middle class, his parents allowed him to study as much as he wanted.

Ferriss always kept himself busy by reading books for hours and eventually became a fast learner, but he was physically weak and small compared to his age.

Tim Ferriss [Photo: Instagram]

Therefore, the author’s mother enrolled him in a self-defense class when he was eight. During this period, he experimented with different workouts and diets.

Seven years later, he was sent to Japan as an exchange student. That was the moment of his experience that helped to change his life. Moreover, he shows an interest in East Asian studies. Back then, Ferriss gained a piece of more knowledge about the technology.

Moving towards his education, firstly, he joined St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, which was primarily for elite kids from upper-class families. But he was financially supported by others while studying at the school.

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Additionally, he has also won a few academic scholarships, which helped him to join the school. Later, he attended Princeton University and earned an AB in East Asian studies in 2000. He instantly started to work after graduation.

Over the years of his career, Ferriss has been involved in different ventures. From founding his own company named BrainQuicken to selling it and then starting to work as a writer of popular books, he has also appeared in television series.

As a result of all these ventures, Wealthy Gorilla has estimated Tim’s net worth to be $50 million. Since he is still actively involved in his field, the amount might increase in the coming days.