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Annie Elise And Her Husband Welcomed Mini-Annie In 2021

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Annie Elise and her husband, Jeremiah Maestre, welcomed their second child, Mini-Annie, in September 2021. The musical artist surprised everyone when the couple shared the news that they were expecting a second child.

“Mini-Annie arriving Sept 2021!” the musical artist said when she was away from home and enjoying the vacation with her husband in March.

Later on October 15, she shared a picture of Mini-Annie, holding the mini laptop in her hand.

Annie Elise and Jeremiah Maestre welcomed their second child, Mini-Annie [Photo: Instagram]

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Annie Elise Welcomed Her First Child In 2019

Annie Elise and her husband welcomed their first child in 2019.

The anticipation was already at a breakneck intensity as the musical artist had already shared the news through an Instagram post on January 2019 when she was four months & three weeks pregnant.

Annie shared that it had been hard for her to accept her new body and the changes happening to her.

But eventually, her supporting husband diligently took care of her and kept her morale high, often reminding her that she was still as beautiful as always.

Annie Elise shared the photo when she was four months and three weeks pregnant [Photo: Instagram]

On June 16, 2019, the couple welcomed their first baby boy and shared through an Instagram post. The baby was born on June 16 at 10:36 pm and weighed about 7lbs 8oz, and was 20 inches long at birth.

“Welcome to the world, Teddy Bear!” Annie said through the post. She also mentioned that he was perfect and already a huge cuddle monster.

When everyone heard the news, they were overwhelmed and started congratulating the couple in the comment section.

Annie Elise and her husband’s first child Theodore Kappeler Maestre [Photo: Instagram]

The couple named their lovely baby Theodore Kappeler Maestre. He is now four years old and growing up with his sibling.

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Annie’s Surprising Reactions To Her Husband’s Wedding Proposal

Annie Elise made her relationship with her boyfriend, Jeremiah Maestre, Instagram official in October 2016. They were in the Eiffel Tower and were seen engaged in a public display of affection in the picture.

It was Elise’s dream destination, and she also used to read Eiffel Tower magazine. Just two months after sharing the photo, she got an astonishing surprise from her boyfriend in Central Park, New York.

Jeremiah knelt down on one knee and proposed to Annie with a beautiful ring in front of many people at the park. She was totally stunned and elated at the moment.

Annie was pleasantly surprised when she saw her family members and close friends watching the entire thing from a nearby bridge.

She cheerily accepted the wedding proposal and shared it with everyone through her Instagram post on December 2016.

Annie Elise and her husband Jeremiah Maestre’s wedding day [Photo: Instagram]

The couple got married after one year of the proposal on November 12, 2017.

As of this writing, Annie Elise & Jeremiah Maestre now have been together as husband & wife for more than five years.