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Callan McAuliffe Has No Time For A Relationship

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According to the Australian actor Callan McAuliffe’s Twitter post, he might not be tied down in a relationship for a while.

The actor is busy in his acting career and helping others maintain their relationship. However, he does know a thing or two about love and has advocated for an innovative and philanthropic way of expressing it.

His plead for donations and helping out people who are in need has made the actor busy for some time.

Heartthrob McAuliffe And The Relationship With His Career

According to Daily Telegraph, the handsome actor has been making waves of news with his relationship with his illustrious career.

The actor has been reaching out not to girlfriends but to needy people and helping them out.

When asked about his views on having a girlfriend, his views were somewhat contradictory.

He first claimed that taking people out on dates wasn’t really something that suited him. Then again, he wouldn’t be on Tinder and the likes because he preferred meeting people face to face.

It’s safe to assume that if McAuliffe does get a girlfriend, it would be someone he meets at a social event—perhaps an award show or a fundraiser.

His views on the displays of affection were also unorthodox.

On Valentine’s Day, the actor put up a tweet urging his followers to gift a UNICEF Valentine’s Day Love Bundle to children in need instead of buying their partners “red garbage.”

“If they say ‘But I wanted a giant bear or a mylar balloon,’ leave them at once,” the actor prompted.

Callan McAuliffe Tweeting in the month of Valentine’s [Photo: Twitter]

He had a handy link posted at the end of his caption to prompt his followers to action.

According to UNICEF, in the hard times of COVID-19, McAuliffe supported emergency appeals. He showed his passion for raising awareness about quality education across the globe.

Apart from his social activism, he has kept himself busy with other career roles and seems to be focusing all his energy on his career.

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McAuliffe And His One True Love: Career

Based on the information provided by TVovermind, the Australian actor was only a kid when he started acting.

McAuliffe made a name for himself as a child actor and has successfully transitioned from being a child actor to a global heartthrob of an actor as an adult, which is a complex task.

Portraying the role of Alden in The Walking Dead gave him a massive career boost and his stardom hit the stratosphere.

In 2014, he got an opportunity to work in the famed series Homeland. Although that project, for him, was small compared to The Walking Dead series, the part landed him significant opportunities in his future.

The young actor is also good at switching accents, which can be challenging for many actors. Having this skill makes actors grab more opportunities.

Not only accents, but he is also multilingual with a working understanding of Japanese, Mandarin, French, and Indonesian.

The talented actor also is an author. He released his first book, The Hiil Ghost, in 2018.

The ebook was on Amazon, and only limited physical copies were available. The book was a fictional tale of a Tibetan Mastiff and a seagull trying to defend their sheep in rural Scotland based in the 19th century.

The book worked with a few themes and was McAuliffe’s stab at writing some philosophy.

The travel-loving actor is also creative when it comes to music. He likes to sing songs and play various instruments.

The multi-talented McAuliffe has not spoken officially if he wants to pursue a career in the music industry, but his fans would love to see him showcase that talent too, no doubt.

The actor, singer, author, and social worker was also a voice artist for video games. In 2018, he voiced numerous characters for the video game Return of the Obra Dinn.

McAuliffe has an excellent relationship with his growing career. Likewise, his name is linked with a gorgeous Hollywood actress.

McAuliffe’s Relationship With Ariel Winter

Based on reports of Ranker, around November 2011, the actor was assumed to have a relationship with the Modern Family star Ariel Winter.

In accordance with LiveRampUp, McAuliffe and his best friend Ariel are occasionally seen attending red carpets of various movies. McAuliffe revealed that they were good friends and there was no relationship between them other than being best of friends.

Ariel Winter and Callan McAuliffe arrive on the red carpet arrivals for the premiere of I Am Number Four [Photo: Facebook]

Ariel Winter had gone to Sydney, and when asked why, she replied that McAuliffe’s mother had become her close friend, and the gorgeous actress wanted to spend her holiday in Australia.

She also said she has several fights with McAullife, but they fight like brothers and sisters.

The actor has been living his adventurous life worldwide and loves to spend time with his mother too.

Was Previously in a Relationship

Well, it’s not like Callan has never ever been in a relationship. The I Am Number Four star was previously dating Kristina Reyes.

Even though most details about their relationship timeline are yet to be disclosed, Married Wiki stated that the former couple’s paths crossed when the 29-year-old star visited one of her friends on the set of Ten, a TV series.

Coincidentally, Callan was working in the same series at that time.

The former lovebirds also attended the Season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead together. Callan looked dashing in an off-white three-piece suit, whereas his ex-girlfriend perfectly matched him with her beautiful dress. They also posted photos of one another on their respective social media handles but seem to have deleted all of them.

Unfortunately, it is not known when Callan and Kristina parted ways. In addition, the Shades of Blue actress has already moved on. Currently, she is enjoying a blissful relationship with her boyfriend Jake McDonough.

Moreover, according to Who’s Dated Who? he has also had a relationship with Charlotte Wilson.

Hopefully, Callan will find the woman of his dreams soon.