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Exploring the Unrevealed Details of Yovngchimi

Himal Ale Magar


Yovngchimi, referred to as CHIMI by his friends, started his career in 2021, and in such a short time, the artist has made a significant impact in the Latin music industry.

He kicked off 2023 by releasing ‘Baby Father 2.0’, featuring artists like Arcángel, Myke Towers, Ñengo Flow & Yeruza.

A Prodigy in the Rap Scene at 26 Years of Age

Yovngchimi has showcased his talent and versatility in just two years by collaborating with prominent artists like Ozuna and Eladio Carrion.

Yovngchimi [Photo: Instagram]

The 26-year-old Puerto Rican rapper has become one of the rising rappers with his unique blend of drill and trap infused with Latin influences.

However, despite his rising popularity, little is known regarding the artist’s upbringing and details.

As per the information provided by iHeart, the rapper was born in 1997. Furthermore, according to Famous Birthdays, his birthday is on July 2, and he was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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His Real Name and Influence

Since his debut, the rapper has used his stage name as an artist; his real name is Ángel Javier Aviles Monzón. Shortly after Ángel’s entry into the Latina rap scene, he was able to amass significant attention from a global audience.

After his debut single ‘Grizzly Walk’ was released, the rapper delivered more records influenced by the popular trap and drill movements.

He gained popularity after collaborating with Eladio Carrión, Lunay, Luar La L, and De La Ghetto. One of his most popular tracks is his song ‘Diamantes En Mis Dientes’ featuring Anuel AA.

The song gained 11 million views after three weeks after its release. Currently, it has over 31 million views as of this writing.

From his modest beginning in the streets of Puerto Rico, YOVNGCHIMI has become a rising star in the Latina hip-hop music scene.

Rise to Stardom

After the success of his debut song in 2021, the rapper started 2022 with the song ‘Baby Father’ featuring Hydro.

Like his previous triumph in the Hispanic drill scene, the respective song succeeded. Further, the Puerto Rican demonstrated his versatility as an artist by unveiling his anticipated project, ‘Gansta Grillz.’

Yovngchimi [Photo: Instagram]

It is a collaborative mixtape with DJ Drama, which has shown his transition as an artist. Additionally, the mixtape reflects the combination of the artist’s professional and personal experience in his musical journey.

Songs like ‘Danger’ featuring Sugarhill, G Herbo, and Sugarhill illustrated the rapper’s ability to create lyrically potent and infectious songs. Additionally, it showcased his evolution as an artist who pushed their boundaries.

The hardworking rapper’s ability to break stereotypes has inspired other rappers to embrace their individuality, an example of his resilience and unwavering passion.

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Bridging the Gap Between Latin Music and Rap

Yovngchimi’s ability to bridge the gap between Hip-hop and Latin music has garnered him a tremendous fan following.

The rapper’s commitment to his craft and dedication to music can be experienced in the music the rapper has created.

He has contributed to the Hispanic music industry by blending trap and drill with Latin influences. During the process, the rapper has also made a name as a torchbearer for the younger generation to follow in his footsteps.

With his inspiration and collaboration with artists like Fivio Foreign, Meek Mill, Kanye West, and Lil Drunk, the Puerto Rico native aims to further expand his reach and influence.

The rapper’s distinct musical style has captivated fans around the world. Further, with the release of each song, Yovngchimi has left a mark on the music landscape. Hence, it has solidified his image as a visionary artist.