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Diany Rodriguez’s Partner Is Her Best Friend

Himal Ale Magar


Diany Rodriguez and her partner have been together for more than three years. She has described him as her life support and the best person she knew.

Their bond with each other has only gotten stronger throughout the years. The actress and her better half also co-parent a cat together.

Her Roommate and Partner-in-crime

Rodriguez has always been open about her relationship. Her boyfriend, Lee Lyons, has made numerous appearances on her social media since early 2019.

Could it be their relationship started much earlier than that, considering she had been tagged in a photo on Facebook in 2014? Well, neither Diany nor her partner has mentioned when they started their relationship.

Diany Rodriguez With Lee Lyons [Photo: Instagram]

Further, on his birthday, the actress opened up a little about her relationship with Lee in an Instagram post in September 2022.

During the occasion, Diany expressed her gratitude toward Lyons. She referred to him as her partner-in-crime, her best person, and her heart. In addition, he is also her emergency contact.

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Spend a lot of time together

Diany and Lee share a loving bond. They often hang out with one another. Apart from their casual hangout that is evident on her Instagram, Rodriguez and Lyons have also gone on a vacation together.

Diany Rodriguez With Partner Lee Lyons
Diany Rodriguez With Lee Lyons [Photo: Instagram]

The couple went on their first cruise in July 2019. The actress had announced it on her Instagram account, where the two could be seen happy and enjoying a good time.

Throughout the vacation, Diany continued to update her fans and followers with the latest happening. The duo could be seen having the time of their life as they cruised across the vast blue ocean.

Her Partner Is a VFX Artist

Similar to Rodriguez, Lyons is involved in the entertainment industry. He works as a VFX professional, writer, and digital artist.

Further, according to his Instagram bio, he is a student of movie technology and its evolution. Lyon describes his goal to use his education and experience to innovate and evolve movie and cinematic experience.

Lee Lyons
Lee Lyons [Photo: Facebook]

Lyons is also a lover of stereoscopic 3D movies. He completed his studies in Arts and Creative Writing from Cowley College. Further, he has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University.

Lyon currently works as a manager at IPIC Theaters as of this writing.

Lyons Has a Loving Family

Born to father Monte Lyons and mother Terry Fielder Lyons, Lee Lyons grew up with his younger sibling Jesse Lyons in Paragould, Arkansas.

Apart from his brother, Lyon has a nephew named Bob A. Louie and two cousins, Natalie Cuzzulla and Kady Allgood.

Lee Lyons Family [Photo: Facebook]

The VFX artist has a great relationship with his family members. Throughout the years, he has been meeting them and enjoying their company.

Lyons also loves to spend quality time with his parents. For instance, he had a great time when he visited Washington Heights with his parents.

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Lee’s Girlfriend Had a Different Career Plan

The talented performer’s career plan before getting into acting was to become the first female chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. After realizing it was an appointed position during high school, Rodriguez decided she wanted to be a JAG officer instead.

Rodriguez shared how her career started and her roles in the HULU film in an exclusive interview with FOX 5 Atlanta.

Born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, the actress described herself as an army brat, as most of her family members served in the military. Growing up, she also became a part of The Soldier Show before she embraced arts in high school.

Further, her dream to join the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program went differently than planned. Diany then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, minoring in theater at the University of Alabama.

Eventually, after moving to New York, she auditioned for the national tour of “Dora the Explorer” but could not proceed as she sustained an injury.

Regardless, it did not stop her from booking another job in Atlanta, Georgia, and since then, she has been pursuing her career in the entertainment industry.