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Rapper OT7 Quanny: Famous for His One Liners

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The talented rapper OT7 Quanny hails from Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia. To be more specific, he hails from North Philadelphia, the most hostile streets in Philadelphia.

He spits quotable one-liners over beats that incline on a dark percussion. Surrounding his image, the lyricist has grown an interesting mysticism.

With every other track he has released, OT7 Quanny has shown how he has built out his foundation and created a moment.

Opened Up about His Childhood and Rap Name

In an interview with Off The Porch, Quanny stated that his upbringing was different. He added that things could escalate quickly, like one day you are playing some ball, and the very next day you are in the streets.

OT7 Quanny. [Source: YouTube]

He played football and basketball as a kid and had to be tough. Quanny also has a lot of friends, even in NFL, whom he met during his athletic days.

He also was very close to his grandma. And as per him, the rapper started hustling in his early teen years. Trust was one of the biggest lessons he learned from being on the streets.

The rapper also revealed that he had a son who was his cheat code and helped him discipline himself. He also revealed that the name OT7 stood for Over Top, seven days a week. It basically means that he is out there grinding seven days a week.

Unfortunately, he has refrained from sharing any private details. It is unknown what his real name is, who his parents are, or even his date of birth.

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Enlisted on the 10 Rappers to Know by Audiomack

On February 27, 2023, Audiomack released a list of 10 rappers one should know. One of the musical artists on the list was OT7 Quanny. He established himself as a force to be reckoned with in Philly with NR3, a dynamic rap group.

NR3, or No Regretz, is based out of North Philadelphia, the most hostile streets in Philadelphia. NR Boor and Lil Na are the other rappers of the rap group.

At the moment, with his on-point beats and menacing bars, Quanny is on an unstrained solo run.

Philly rapper OT7 Quanny. [Source: YouTube]

Besides OT7 Quanny, the other rappers on the list were Talibando, Murda B, Yus Gz, HMT Tray, Lil Crix, Niontay, Dee Aura, G Foe, and Miah Kenzo.

Like many, Quanny also loves to use sound filters on his rap songs. He usually puts a filter on his voice, making him sound as if he is singing through the walls of a basement cellar.

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Gaining More Popularity for His Rap Songs

OT7 Quanny began professionally releasing music in 2022 with ‘Dior Dior,’ one of his first singles. Over the years, he has amassed quite an audience on different streaming platforms.

His YouTube channel has already gained over 16 million views with more than 41.1K subscribers. Furthermore, he has over 14K and 112K monthly listeners on Audiomack and Spotify, respectively.

The prolific lyricist also has got over 200K followers on Instagram. Alongside releasing songs, Quanny is at that point in his career where he also performs in different venues.

He has released many songs. Among them, ‘Power featuring Leaf Ward,’ ‘Write A Book,’ ‘Sosa, Dog Talk,’ ‘Trapped Out with SleazyWolrd Go,’ ‘OK OK,’ ‘Dame Lillard,’ and ‘New Money featuring GT’ are his best-known bars.

Artists like Lil Uzi, Shy Glizzy SleazyWorld, Lil Migo, and Babyface Ray have supported him alongside producer Cash Money AP and New York drill rapper 22Gz.

There were reports that the Philly rapper was allegedly shot and hospitalized in December 2022.

All in all, looking at his pace, OT7 Quanny is progressing quite well in his career.