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All about Owen Wilson’s Baby Mama Varunie Vongsvirates

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Varunie Vongsvirates rose to popularity after her relationship with Owen Wilson. However, the former pair dated for a couple of years before calling it quits.

Here is everything one should know about the beautiful model.

Has Already Lost Her Mother

It’s difficult to lose a parent. Sadly, Varunie’s mom died when she was still kind of young. Varunie’s late mother celebrated her birthday in the early weeks of February.

One of Varunie’s posts suggests that her mother died in 2014. She still misses her dearly and, at times, posts about her. The mother-daughter duo shared a similar resemblance.

Unfortunately, the former model hasn’t shared a lot about her family. She has siblings, and Joshua Vongsvirates is one of them.

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Has Had Multiple Jobs over the Years

As aforementioned, Owen’s ex-girlfriend is a model. But it looks like she is no longer engaged in the profession. Well, she has also been a part of multiple industries in the past.

According to Radaris, she was an Executive Assistant to the General Counsel in the World Poker Tour. She worked there for a year, from August 2007 to August 2008.

The beautiful lady still has a good bond with her former workplace, considering their CEO, Adam Pliska, visited her after she welcomed her child. Adam also made a great gesture and passed down a lovely note to the little one.

Varunie Vongsvirates has had multiple jobs. [Source: Instagram]

Then Varunie worked as a Device Sales Representative at Ge Healthcare/Biospace Inc.

After that, she got a job as a physician liaison in Pain Care of San Diego and later joined The Rehabilitation Center of Santa Monica. There, she secured the position of Director of Business Development and worked from September 2012 to October 2013.

Furthermore, she has also served for American Addiction Centers as a business development rep.

Talking about her education, Varunie attended the University of California At San Diego. She has got a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Was in a Relationship with Owen Wilson

As stated earlier, Varunie Vongsvirates came into the media limelight after she started dating the well-known Hollywood actor Owen Wilson. The former lovebirds had kept their relationship private despite dating for years.

Plus, it doesn’t look like their break-up was amicable, considering what followed later.

Owen and Varunie last spoke when she revealed her pregnancy. As per Radar Online, the Zoolander star changed his phone number after knowing Varunie was pregnant with their kid. This wasn’t something Varunie had expected from her former beau.

Since Owen has been an incredible dad to his two kids whom he had from his past relationships, she too was anticipating him to be a great dad.

Overall, the 54-year-old is yet to meet his baby.

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Welcomed Daughter in 2018

Owen’s baby mama announced the arrival of their daughter in October 2018. She uploaded a cute photo of their little one with the caption, “My sweet little princess, Lyla Aranya Wilson, born on 10-09-18.”

Before Lyla was born, her mother had filed a paternity petition. Her dad didn’t want any visitation right back then.

Well, Owen wasn’t quite sure if she was his baby. He had offered to take a paternity test and pledged to be a good and supportive dad if the kid was really his. But sadly, things really didn’t go as planned.

Varunie Vongsvirates and Owen Wilson’s daughter. [Source: Instagram]

Even if the test showed that Lyla was indeed his daughter, Owen did not become a part of her life.

In the end, the broken-up duo agreed on $25,000 in child support monthly. Plus, Owen paid Vongsvirates’s $35,000 court fees and also forked in an additional $35,000 for a night nurse and labor coach she had hired.

Lyla is the pair’s only kid. However, she has two half-brothers named Robert Ford Wilson and Finn Lindqvist Wilson from her father’s side.

All in all, it is not known if Varunie has got a new man in her life. For the time being, she is raising her kid as a single parent.