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About Lee Drilly’s Real Name and Legal Charges – Was He Arrested?

Himal Ale Magar


Lee Drilly is an American rapper whose real name is Ali Doby. According to World Wide Tune, he originally took the name Lee Herbo but later changed it to Lee Drilly as an inspiration from the G-Side/Drilly gang’s moniker.

It was also reported that the acronym DRILLY stands for Devoted, Resilient, Intelligent, Living, Lavish, and Young. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, the rapper has been gaining immense followers due to his popular songs.

Lee Drilly [Photo: Youtube]

Unfortunately, in April 2022, he became one of the 20 alleged Bronx members who were arrested and taken into custody.

These individuals were named in an 82-count indictment, which covered 32 violent crimes committed over three years.

Why Was Lee Drilly Arrested?

As per NorwoodNews, the American rapper was part of the alleged G-Side/Drilly gang members charged with non-fatal shootings, stabbing, and murder, mainly in the areas of East Gun Hill Road, Decatur Avenue, Hull Avenue in Norwood, and the surrounding areas.

According to the report by NY Daily News, the investigation titled “Operation Drilly” outlined a series of murders. It included the fatal shooting of 24-year-old James Rivera in July 2020, who was killed when six assailants chased and shot him.

Further, the murder charges involved the shooting of 20-year-old Delila Vasquez in 2021. Additionally, as part of Operation Drilly, authorities successfully recovered 18 firearms and filed charges, which included attempted murder, grand larceny, murder, assault, and manslaughter.

Lee Drilly was among the seven defendants who were arraigned by Bronx Supreme Court Justices Naita Semaj and George Villegas.

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Lee Drilly Allegedly Bragged about His Crimes in One of His Music Videos

As per the report by RollingOut, the teen rapper had allegedly bragged about the crimes that he committed in his music video titled ‘Bet.’ The 2021 single gained over 250,000 YouTube views.

The Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark called the crime senseless acts of violence. She further added that gang members terrorized neighborhoods by firing guns on the streets during day time.

Clark went on to say, “We’re doing all that we can to deal with and battle the guns scourge that is happening here in the Bronx. But more must be done to deviate these young people from the life of gangs and senseless violence. We do need to do more.”

Did Lee Drilly Mention His Victim Names in His Song?

According to the report by Vulture, a confrontation broke out, which led to James Rivera, aka Lil Loc, getting shot and stabbed by a gang member in 2020. He died at the scene.

In the course of the investigation into the Drilly gang, the detectives noticed Loc’s name in one of the music videos of Lee Drilly. The rapper had mentioned Lil Loc in his song called ‘Final Destination.’

The investigator said the rapper had named about 25 individuals who were assaulted and killed. As per the report, Michael DelGardo, one of the detectives, added that the lyrics included the line, “Little Loc got put in a casket, spinned with a knife, that [expletive] got blasted.”

Similarly, he mentioned the knife again in his song ‘Bet.’ DelGardo and his affiliates looked at the surveillance tape once again and identified Drilly to be the individual who picked the knife and attempted to stab Loc.

Thus, the rapper was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree.

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Is Lee Drilly Innocent?

Hiphopdx reported it was not the first time big gang bust in recent years. In 2016, more than 100 alleged gang members were arrested in New York City. It included charges of racketeering, drug, and gun offenses targeted toward two rival Bronx-based gangs.

Rapper Lee Drilly and other alleged members of the gangs were caught by a joint effort of the DA’s office and NYPD.

Onsmash claimed the heavy investigation began after the Bronx barbershop shooting in October 2021.

Further, NorwoodNews, reported if convicted of the top count of first-degree conspiracy, four of the defendants would have 15-25 years to a maximum of life in prison.

As of now, the teen rapper Lee Drilly is indicated for a series of shootings and violent assaults. However, he has not been convicted of the crimes.

An individual arrested and accused of a crime is innocent unless and until convicted in a court of law.