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Woody McClain Opened Up About His Girlfriend and Relationship Status

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Besides his professional career and personal life, Woody McClain has also made it very clear about having a girlfriend and his future relationship plans.

The actor has described himself as a disciplined individual who came from a traditional family. So, he had to adjust to the element of being a celebrity.

McClain further explained he was blessed to have a 9 to 5 job until the age of 23 and that his career mattered to him more than anything.

Woody McClain Talked About Why He Did Not Have a Girlfriend

In an interview with Kirby Carroll in xoNecole, Woody talked about his lifestyle and the things that came along with it. He expressed that despite all the glitz and glamor, he was not letting anything or anyone get in his way.

Further, when asked if he was in a relationship and if he had a girlfriend, Woody made a very clear statement to his fans and followers.

As a response to the question, the actor responded he was clear on where he stood at the moment. Woody further added,  “I love dating my career and my craft. That’s my boo thang.”

Woody McClain [Photo: Instagram]

While Woody did not provide much information about his dating life, he made it evident that his love for his family was prevalent in his life.

For instance, Woody shared that he shared a few characters with his character, Cane, from Power Book II: Ghost.

Woody explained that Cane did everything in the best interest of his family. He expressed that’s how he was in real life.

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Woody McClain Described His Ideal Girlfriend

As Woody had stated that he was too busy focusing on his career and had no time for dating anybody, the actor did not hesitate to share what kind of girl he would most likely date.

In a video posted on the YouTube channel BETNetworks, Woody shared with viewers about his hidden talents and gave an insight into the woman he preferred.

Apart from acting, Woody revealed that he was a musician as well and knew how to play two different musical instruments.

Further, when asked how he’d react if he was interested in a woman, Woody responded firmly with a smile and replied that he would try to make them laugh.

Moreover, he explained that the important quality he looked for in a woman was if she could cook. He stated that she has to have a great personality.

The actor added that his favorite was chocolate, and if a girl liked chocolate, it was his type of lady. Besides, he stated that the first thing he noticed in a woman was their energy and aura.

Furthermore, the actor claimed that one of his turn-offs was bad feet.

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Woody McClain| Adjusting To Fame

Woody McClain is one the breakout names in the entertainment industry who started gaining attention from his videos on Vine. As a former background dancer who toured with the likes of Chris Brown, he is making a name for himself in the acting scene as well.

The actor is known for his appearance in The New Edition Story and The Bobby Brown Story. Recently, Woody has grabbed the attention of his fans as he played the role of Cane Tejada on Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost.

According to the report by xoNecole, Woody had a humble beginning as he played in a marching Band in high school. The actor added Mr. Jenkins, who was the director of the school band, was a father figure to him and a lot of people.

Woody McClain [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, regarding his breakout in the industry, Woody shared that once he got on TV, people did not see him as a real person.

The actor explained, “I think that’s where it’s strange for me. Because you can be like at the airport, and someone can come up and grab you, and I’d just never do that. It can get really tricky; I’m still adjusting.”

When asked about what he did to escape the craziness of the industry, Woody shared that he produced music, and played bowling and golf with his friends.

Woody McClain Had a Girlfriend of 10 Years

In the year 2017, Woody professed his love for white women at the expense of black women. According to HelloBeautiful, the actor said, “White is right” and “Black girls are soooo overrated.”

To clarify his statement, Woody talked about his tweets in an Interview with Essence. He stated that he did comedy, and it was just a comedy reference.

Woody added that his statement was his version of the saying, ‘Once you go black, you never go back.’ Further, he shared that his tweets were edited and photoshopped.

The actor claimed it created a false narrative and explained that he loved black women and always promoted black love. He added that his mother was black, and so was his sister, and he loved his black queens.

Besides, regarding the incident, Madamenoire reported the actor defended himself with a picture of his girlfriend. The report claimed that the actor tweeted a picture with his black girlfriend of 10 years.

However, the tweet was deleted after the incident. Moreover, the actor has not made any comments about the respective relationship as of this writing.