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Harry Mack’s Girlfriend, Lisa Santacroce, Is Also His Manager

Binesh Shrestha


It might surprise many to know that Harry Mack has a girlfriend named Lisa Santacroce, and she is his manager as well. The couple has been together since June 2018.

Though he doesn’t post about his love life, the rapper has, at times, talked about his relationship in multiple podcasts.

Who Is Harry Mack’s Girlfriend?

As stated above, Harry is dating Lisa. She attended Montclair State University, where she got her B.A. in Family and Child Studies degree and Master’s degree in Counseling in Higher Education/ Student Affairs.

Lisa started her career as an Internship Specialist and was later promoted to Associate Director at the ArtCenter College of Design.

Harry Mack’s girlfriend, Lisa. [Source: Instagram]

After that, she worked as a Studio Manager or Production Coordinator at Not To Scale and then shifted to ILOVECREATIVES, where she was the Project Manager and Lead TA for Squarespace Design Course.

Currently, she is the owner of ‘any + all,’ a company that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The lovebirds first met through mutual friends, the old fashion way. When Harry had started hanging out with Lisa’s best friend Kayla, she once invited him over to her apartment, where he first bumped into her.

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Progressive Relationship with Lisa

Well, the social media star has been enjoying a blissful relationship with Lisa Santacroce for five years now. The duo are not just partners but are business partners as well since she is his manager.

Harry’s girl also joins him on his tours and handles a lot of things on the business side. As per Steve-O, the lovebirds are the equivalent of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, as Sharon has also been Ozzy’s manager and partner.

When asked what it was like to work jointly, as they are together on the work trip and are also romantically involved, Harry replied that it was dope. He further added that it was really fun to collaborate with one another and build together in the same direction.

As they are together for the most part of their work, Harry and Lisa are also conscious of making up space. They also take time apart from one another and create boundaries so one can not be much of a hindrance to the other.

During his appearance in Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Podcast Scott Randolph said that Harry couldn’t lie to his better half about his income, to which the rapper humorously replied she knew better than him.

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Spent Lockdown Together

When the whole world came to a halt, fortunately, Harry and his love were together. They were living in a rented back house. Their landlord was an old couple who were mostly out of town.

As per Harry, the pandemic was crazy. Only a thin wall separated his studio and Lisa’s office. When he freestyled for hours, she would be in a Zoom meeting, and the people inside the screens would often ask if she was playing songs in the background.

Harry Mack spent his lockdown with Lisa. [Source: Facebook]

It didn’t bother Harry’s girlfriend as she was habituated to his songs, and it was basically white noise to her.

Harry also thanked the pandemic for making their relationship vigorous. He stated that if a couple went through all that and still were together, then their relationship surely got stronger.

Prior to meeting each other, they had separate apartments. It hasn’t been that long since Harry and his partner bought a house. He said that it was the only time that they upgraded their living situation.

Harry doesn’t post a lot about Lisa besides leaving comments on some of her Instagram posts. Many fans might already be aware that Harry Mack is married to the game. But only time will tell if he has got any plans to marry Lisa.