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Fans Speculate Joe Santagato and His Girlfriend Broke Up | Is It True?

Dinesh Shrestha


Some eagle-eyed followers immediately noticed that Joe Santagato’s girlfriend didn’t wish him on his birthday in 2023. So, it was strange for them because she never missed to wished him on their anniversaries or his birthdays.

So, they began to discuss if the couple might have broken up. While discussing, some followers even said that the couple was a “weird match.” Furthermore, they also discussed the possible reasons.

Fans Discussed in Reddit with Possible Reasons

Joe Santagato and his girlfriend, Sammy Rickey, have been together since 2014. Rickey never failed to wish him on his birthday and anniversary each year.

Therefore, fans were expecting that she would wish him on his birthday in February 2023. But the social media influencer didn’t wish him. Also, her last post with him was in January 2023

As the fans immediately noticed, they took to the topic on Reddit and talked about their possible breakup.

One user stated that they started taking notes towards the beginning of February when she was posting when she was visiting her mother.

The user added, “Then she came back and the work look posts in his apartment stopped, no Charlie content, no posting their every move, Joe posting being alone in bed with Charlie with captions like, ‘Thanks, bud.’”

Joe Santagato and his girlfriend Sammy Rickey [Photo: Instagram]

But the post was deleted shortly after. Even more, she didn’t make a post on Valentine’s Day.

One user penned, “Yea! I was just telling my husband he kinda seems like the guy (we all know some) that dates a girl for years and years but never proposes, they break up under the guise he isn’t ready then he marries someone else within the next three years.”

Unfortunately, the lovely duo has been completely silent about now and not posting each other on social media. So, all the speculations are yet to be clarified.

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Joe and Sammy Still Follow Each Other on Instagram

While the couple no longer posts about one another on their social media, they still follow each other on Instagram. Also, Sammy has not deleted any posts with him.

Since 2014, she has shared numerous intimate pictures on her Instagram. For instance, in November 2021, she uploaded a picture where they were celebrating their seven-year of togetherness.

Sammy Rickey wished him Happy Birthday in 2019 [Photo: Instagram]

“Thankful to be celebrating seven years with you today. I love you more and more every day,” she penned.

Likewise, she also uploaded a video on the occasion of their eight-year anniversary in November 2022. So, no wonder her not posting any pictures since early 2023 raised many eyebrows.

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Meet Joe Santagato’s Girlfriend, Sammy Rickey

Sammy Rickey is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who was born on August 27, 1995, in the United States.

She has gathered a considerable follower from her lifestyle and fashion blogging. Furthermore, she is also the founder of the company Three The Level.

As per her Linkedin profile, she is a dancer, founder of Sammy Jo Designs, Lead Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, and Influencer.

Joe Santagato and Sammy Rickey [Photo: Instagram]

Rickey has also worked as a Junior Designer. The social media influencer completed her high school at Great Neck South High School.

Currently, she has been traveling with her sister. Rickey also has a tattoo dedicated to her family.