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Vincent Vargas and Wife Christie Connected through Tattoo

Dinesh Shrestha


Vincent Vargas is married to his beautiful wife, Christie. The duo has been spending a great time together with their children in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Day by day, the couple’s bond gets better and better. Well, he also constantly shares his family’s picture, having fun together on his social media handle.

Vincent Vargas Shares Remarkable Bond with His Beloved Wife

The actor’s wife, Christie, is from Puerto Rico. The lovebirds were previously engaged with their respective former partners and had kids. Eventually, both of their past relationships ended.

Later on, the adorable couple married to fill the space of mom and dad in their children’s lives. Since then, the duo has been living together.

The two also share multiple common interests, like both of them have inked many tattoos on their body. Plus, they care a lot about their fitness and go to the gym together in Texas.

The pair were also linked together years ago by a tattoo, and now they continue to get it together as a date night. The couple also inked a new tattoo together in the 2022’s Valentine’s Day.

Vincent Vargas and his wife Christie [Photo: Instagram]

In addition, as evident from Instagram, he never fails to wish his beloved wife her birthday each year in February. Plus, the actor also expresses his gratitude to her on special occasions like Mother’s Day and Women’s Day.

For instance, recently, in May, he wished her happy Mother’s Day, thanked her, and said, “I love you.” They also go on vacation frequently and spend quality time together. Vincent and Christie had a great trip to Christie’s homeland, Puerto Rico, in July.

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Raising Eight Children in Total

Vincent and Christie have been raising their kids in Texas. He has four from his previous spouse of ten years and two with his current partner, Christie.

From his other marriage, he was gifted two more children. Plus, the actor has a great relationship with all of them.

The army veteran also thanked his children for challenging him to be his best version. He shared a picture with his little ones on Father’s Day. In the picture, Belle, who was gone to study at Ohio State College, and Hunter was in Washington, were missing.

Vincent Vargas with his children [Photo: Instagram]

Belle is his oldest child, who was born on November 19, 2002. He welcomed her with his first spouse when he was just 21 years old.

Then, he welcomed his second daughter, Yvette Starla. Well, he was captivated by the stars and envisioned himself among them, and as a result, he gave her the middle name Starla without realizing it was perfect for her.

In 2007, the actor welcomed his third child named Hunter, who was his first and oldest son. After welcoming two daughters, he was so excited to welcome a son who was going to carry the Vargas Legacy.

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Later, he had another son, Bolden, who was the youngest son from his first marriage. Sadly, his first marriage ended in a divorce.

Then, he married Christie, who already had two children. When he remarried, Christie’s kids, Jarek and Taylor, also came as gifts.

As for the loving pair, Vincent and Christie welcomed their first child, Ryker, together in February 2020. He turned three this year. And in 2022, they welcomed their eighth child.

For the time being, the American entertainer is enjoying his life as a father and is raising his kids well.