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Damien Puckler Had a Private Marriage with His Former Wife

Himal Ale Magar


Damian Puckler, known for his role in the series Grimm, was previously married to someone who shared a mutual love for acting. However, the wife and husband called it quits.

Damien, like any other celebrity, prefers to keep the details of his personal life a secret. So, who was this lucky lady who wooed the heart of the talented actor?

Damien’s Private Divorce With Former-Wife

Puckler has mastered keeping things low-key despite being in the spotlight. Throughout the years, he had kept his personal and relationship life away from the limelight.

Regardless of his private lifestyle, thanks to one of his birthday posts, it has been revealed that he was married to his ex-wife, Victoria Masina.

Damien Puckler [Photo: Facebook]

In April 2011, Puckler’s former spouse wished him on his birthday on his Facebook. In addition to wishing him well, the actress mentioned Damien was late on his alimony. The actor replied humorously that he demanded a DNA test on the kids.

Further, his former life partner ludicrously stated that Damien should share some of his money before she called the chief of police in his town. She also mentioned that it was not a blackmail but a business plan.

Besides this, not much is known about their love life as they kept it a secret.

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Puckler’s Former Wife Found Love Again

It might have been difficult for the couple after the divorce. Nevertheless, both moved on in their lives. In fact, Puckler’s ex-spouse found love again.

Masina is committed to her husband, Ali Nasri, as of this writing. The couple got married in 2007 and has been together ever since.

Besides these, not much is known about their marital life. Nevertheless, Masina’s husband is a proud stepdad of her children.

Masina is a doting mother of a daughter, Elisabeth Day, and a son, Adrian Herrmann. However, the information about her baby daddy remains a mystery.

The actress has a close relationship with her daughter. The two also went to visit Victoria’s father in Germany in 2010.

Damien's Former Wife victoria-masina-with-husband-ali-nasri
Victoria Masina With Husband Ali Nasri [Photo: Facebook]

Further, her daughter Elisabeth refers to her as her best friend. She has expressed gratitude towards Victoria as she planned a birthday party for her in December 2017.

Her children have already grown up, and she is incredibly proud of them.

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Damien Shared a Cozy Picture with an Actress

In 2021, the actor posted a picture of him with the actress Christina Contes on his Instagram account. The post was captioned, “Tbt to many many many many many many moons ago!!!”

They looked cozy as they hugged one another. Furthermore, They looked adorable together, making fans wonder if they were a thing. So, the post was well-received by the fans and followers of Damien.

Damien Puckler With Christina Contes [Photo: Instagram]

One fan noted that the actor was taken, and Christina was insanely gorgeous. Similarly, another user commented that she was jealous and the actress was the luckiest girl in the world.

However, despite the potential soft reveal, the actor has not commented on his relationship with Christina.

Like Damien, Christina is an actress who was born in Switzerland. She is best known for her works in movies like Die Another DaySearch, and The Wolfman.

Besides these, the current relationship status of the actor remains a mystery. Nevertheless, he might be keeping things low-key and enjoying time with his loved ones.