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Oded Fehr Was Sure His Wife Rhonda Tollefson Would Say Yes When He Proposed

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The Israeli actor Oded Fehr was already sure his wife Rhonda Tollefson would say yes when he proposed.

The renowned actor eventually found his soulmate. The most shocking part was she didn’t even know Oded Fehr was an actor.

“But I must admit that it took Rhonda quite a while to get over the fact that I was an actor,” Fehr explained.

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Oded Fehr Met His Wife in LA Opera Premiere Dinner Party

The Israel-born actor met his wife, Rhonda Tollefson, at a dinner party following the premiere of the Los Angeles Opera season.

Coincidently, they ended up sitting next to each other. Within a short period of time, they started conversing, becoming friends, and ultimately partners. Rhonda was unaware that he was an actor, though.

When the time came for the actor to propose, he knew Rhonda would answer positively.

Then after a year, the couple decided to take a further step in their relationship and got married in an intimate wedding ceremony.

The pair tied the knot on December 22, 2000.

For a long time, she was suspicious of him. She had an impression of how stereotypical actors were. She eventually discovered that he was a regular kind of guy, and everything turned out okay in the end.

Oded Fehr was Sure his wife Rhonda Tollefson would say “Yes” when he proposed [Photo: Pinterest]

“She’s a wonderful, wonderful woman, and I’m a very lucky man,” he stated. The couple’s first child Atticus was born on January 4, 2003.

After three years, their second child, a daughter named Finley, was born on February 26, 2006. The pair’s second daughter Azelie was born in the summer of 2010.

They resided with his family in Ojai, California, but he said they moved to Austin, Texas, now.

“My wife is brilliant at what she does and has been very supportive of my career moves, particularly UC: Undercover,” Fehr said.

Fehr answered the questions about why they don’t work together.

He said that they weren’t developing projects together because they didn’t want to be in a position where people in the production felt they gave each other the jobs.

“Besides, we’re not starving at the moment,” the actor clarified.

Oded Fehr’s Kids Show Their Creative Talents Alongside Proud Parents

The renowned actor has been in the entertainment industry since 1994, and his wife has worked as a producer since 1995.

They have a lot of experience in the industry, movie-making, and acting. Therefore, it seems like they passed all that on to their children too.

Their three kids have already had a decent experience in movie-making. The actor also uploaded a number of videos that he made with his children.

Fehr also acted in the short film titled I hope life is very good, whereas their kids were mostly behind the camera.

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From Shadows to Spotlight: Unveiling Oded Fehr’s Journey Before Stardom

Oded Fehr was born in Israel to European parents. The actor was educated there until he turned 18.

Then, Fehr joined the Israel Navy, and after discharge, he worked for two years as an EL AI security guard.

Later he was convinced to work for his dad’s marketing and communication company in Frankfurt, Germany

Eventually, his thought changed after six months, and he started a drama course at the English Theatre in Frankfurt.

Oded Fehr with his family [Photo: Twitter]

This led him to participate in a local production of David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago. He made the decision to become an actor and went to London.

The actor was accepted into the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. There, he appeared in Don Juan Comes Back From War at Courtyard Theatre in London as well as on British Television.

Six months after his graduation, he worked as Ardeth Bay in The Mummy, which eventually changed his life.