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Uncle LaZer’s Real Name: What Happened to the Comedian?

Himal Ale Magar

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Despite his massive popularity in recent years, Uncle LaZer has always been secretive about his real name and personal life. The social media sensation rose to fame after his appearance in Kill Tony.

However, LaZer’s downfall began, and hype surrounding the comedian started to fade in recent times. So, what happened to the comedian, and what he’s up to now?

His Real Name Remains a Mystery

The standup comedian has always kept his real name a secret. However, LaZer has made humorous comments regarding his name over the years.

For instance, in August 2018, the internet personality joked about how his moniker should be Slid Bream on his Twitter account.

The Comedian Is Known By His Stage Name Uncle LaZer [Photo: Instagram]

Similarly, on another occasion, LaZer noted that Starbucks always incorrectly spelled the comedian’s name and denounced it as a first-world problem.

Apart from this, LaZer has not mentioned anything referring to his name as of this writing.

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LaZer’s Rise to Fame Increased His Networth

The internet sensation has recently become a household name in the standup comedy scene. He has accumulated over 369k followers on social media platforms like Instagram.

Similarly, LaZer has over 19.2k subscribers on YouTube and 210k followers on TikTok, respectively.

So, the comedian might be earning massive income from these platforms, contributing to his overall net worth.

Besides, LaZer has a Patreon as well, where he gets supported by members every month.

Further, the internet personality sells his merchandise on his official site and features himself in Cameo, where his fans and followers can request a personal video.

According to the information provided by Comparably, the average salary of a standup comedian ranges between $48,536 to $74,880.

Therefore, considering his other sources of income and his live show, LaZer must have accumulated a considerable amount of net worth over the years.

The Comedian’s Downfall

The Texan emerged as one of the emerging talents in the standup comedy scene and took the stage by storm. However, the comedian could not maintain his popularity despite his rise to stardom in Kill Tony.

His downfall began when the comedian struggled with his drug addiction. Not only did it affect his personal life, but it also had a significant negative impact on his professional career.

Uncle LaZer In Kill Tony [Photo: YouTube]

According to a comment by a Reddit user, LaZer made his last appearance on Kill Tony in March 2023. Users further added the comedian came off as arrogant and lacked humility.

Further, another user commented on YouTube that the judging panel finally addressed the comedian’s lackluster performance.

Eventually, LaZer got banned from the show, which he confirmed in My Drunk Uncle’s Podcast. During the session, the comedian expressed how his drug addiction affected his performance in Kill Tony.

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What Is Uncle LaZer Doing Now?

After he departed from Kill Tony, LaZer has been actively engaged in his work. For instance, he has done several My Drunk Uncle’s Podcasts on his YouTube Channel.

Similarly, LaZer has uploaded his content on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Uncle LaZer In My Drunk Uncle’s Podcast [Photo: YouTube]

Moreover, LaZer has been doing his shows featuring other artists. For instance, he just performed at an event at Haltom Theater in Texas, United States.