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Devale Ellis’ Net Worth: How His Wife Aided Him

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Devale Ellis’ wife, Khadeen Ellis, came to his rescue when the former NFL star’s career was declining due to injuries. The couple revealed that the secret behind his attractive net worth was learning about money management.

The two had shared their inspiring journey, which had transformed Devales’ career and net worth after he was sidelined after a series of injuries. He shared that his wife was there and took care of him.

Devale With Wife Khadeen [Photo: Instagram]

Further, when Devale’s NFL career ended, the couple had to change their traditional views on money as both took on new careers.

Their journey has led them to be educated, build the power of ownership, wealth, and buy a new house.

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Devale Ellis’ Career Transition and Its Impact on His Net Worth

After getting picked by the Detroit Lions as a free agent, the former NFL star bought a house and invested in the market and property. However, his career in the NFL only lasted a few seasons.

According to the reports by the NewYorkPost, “I’m watching my bank account lose $15,000 a day … I had to move out of the home. We moved back to Brooklyn, and it was almost like a scene from a sitcom,” said Devale.

The former player added that he had a partner who supported him regardless of the circumstances. Devale shared that he and Khadeen had a plan together to make a comeback, which included him becoming an actor.

Eventually, he transitioned to acting and appeared in several TV shows and movies. It included Tyler Perry’s Sistas, The Blacklist, and Power.

Devale With His Wife Khadeen And Four Sons [Photo: Instagram]

Further, he went on to make numerous appearances on podcasts and talk shows, demonstrating his comedic talents and charismatic personality.

Apart from acting, he collaborated with influencers and brands like Pepsi, Ford, and Procter & Gamble. This significantly contributed to his net worth, which BuzzSouthAfrica has claimed to be around an estimated $3 million.

Devales’ Impressive Net Worth Helped Him Buy a New House

Devale and his wife shared that buying the new house provided them and their assets with extreme value. They added that not only did it provide a safe space for their children, but it also created their version of the American dream.

The couple decided to buy a new house in Atlanta as Khadeen believed it was the perfect choice because they had all their friends and family out there.

Devale further added that despite owning investment properties before, it was the type of home that had equity and would create financial freedom for their kids.

The couple unveiled their home on their Youtube channel, which they named The Ellis Residence. During the closing of the video, Devale went on to thank all the fans and followers for supporting them during the process.

The video ended as they went back to their newly owned home and celebrated the occasion together with a bottle of champagne.

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The Ellises: Building A Legacy

The college sweethearts turned spouses started dating when both were students at Hofstra University in Hempstead. After the end of his career in the NFL in 2010, Devale started acting and created a Youtube channel with his wife Khadeen called The Ellises.

Further, Devales’ wife started Oh Kay, Kay, which was a lifestyle show on Youtube that tackled topics such as motherhood, makeup, and marriage.

Recently, the couple added a podcast to their resume. Titled Dead Ass with Khadeen And Devale Ellis, the couple had guests like President Joe Biden in their podcast.

The couple has been together for 20 years and married for 12 years. Devale and his wife share four sons named Jackson, 12, Kaz, 6, Kairo, 7, and Dakota, 1.