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Are Tony Hinchcliffe and His Wife Charlotte Jane Still Together?

Dinesh Shrestha


Tony Hinchcliffe had tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Charlotte Jane, in an intimate wedding ceremony. The couple spent many years together.

But now, the pair has been lacking any type of online presence, which eventually raised questions in netizens’ minds – are they together?

Tony Hinchcliffe Announced His Marriage to Charlotte Jane in 2017

The comedian initially mentioned in 2015 that he was married, as per Distractify. But he was on the stage show at that time. Therefore, everybody thought that he must be joking.

But surprising the folks, in November 2017, he shared a photo of him and Charlotte with his marriage news on Instagram. He penned, “Married as [expletive]. Honeymooning in La Jolla.”

On the same day, Tony’s better half, Charlotte, also flaunted her beautiful engagement ring by posting it on social media. Everyone congratulated the lovely couple in the comment section.

Tony Hinchcliffe shared a picture with Charlotte Jane and announced his marriage in 2017 [Photo: Instagram]

The adorable couple was also spotted together after the show in the first months of 2018. One comedian clicked the picture with them after the show and shared it on Twitter, saying, “Here in this picture with Tony Hinchcliffe & his beautiful wife Charlotte after the show on Monday.”

Later on, Tony and Charlotte stopped posting pictures together on social media handles. As a result, many folks began to question if they were still together or not.

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Fans Took the Topic and Began Discussing on Reddit

Netizens are still looking out for Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte if the couple is still together or not. They took the couple’s topic on Reddit and began discussing it.

There, most of the people have stalked on their Instagram, where they found out that they both are in a new relationship now. One user penned, “I remember him referring to his “wife” years ago in passing when he never mentioned her before.”

Likewise, the fans stated Tony’s name was linked to the mixed martial artist Joanna Jedrzejczyk. The two also constantly appeared on each other Instagram posts.

But he had already clarified through the post that Joanna is his friend. After that, he hasn’t revealed his relationship to anyone.

Nevertheless, Charlotte has been in a relationship with a new guy. Recently, in February, she shared a picture with her new partner and captioned, “I am the luckiest girl.”

It’s clear that she has been happy in her new relationship, whereas he still hasn’t divulged his relationship.

Charlotte Is the Daughter of Australian Racer Bob Jane and a Model

Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife is the daughter of popular Australian racer Bob Jane. She grew up alongside her four siblings. Charlotte had a good relationship with her dad. Sadly, her father died on September 28, 2018, at the age of 89.

She also even wished Happy Birthday to her dad in June 2022. She said that she was lucky to have him as her dad in her life. Further, she added, “I can’t wait to see you in the next one.”

Out of her dad’s stardom – she is also a famous person who has gained considerable followers on her Instagram account.

Charlotte Jane is a popular social media influencer [Photo: Instagram]

The social media personality is a model and constantly posts her pictures on social media. As of writing, she has gained 28.5K followers. She is currently living in Orange County, CA, spending quality time with her new partner.

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Tony Hinchcliffe: Addressing Rumors about His Being Gay

The comedian has gained a huge fanbase through his comedian career. But it hasn’t been a joy ride for him. He had to face different controversies throughout his career.

One of the most notable was his gay rumor surfacing on the internet. The speculation started after one of his tweets back in 2011.

In the tweet, he stated, “Hot chicks treat me like I’m a gay guy. Gay guys treat me like I’m a hot chick.” Moreover, even before that, he had tweeted multiple jokes about it.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s gay rumor started after one of his tweets in 2011 [Photo: Twitter]

So, many netizens believed that he was gay, while others said he was just playing into all the gay jokes.

Nonetheless, he hasn’t said anything about his sexuality till now. But looking out at his past relationship, he might not be gay.