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People Often Mistake Neal McDonough to Be Robert Ri’chard’s Father

Himal Ale Magar


The facial similarities between Robert Ri’chard and the American actor Neal McDonough have made fans curious if they are indeed son and father.

The resemblance is so uncanny that some fans even thought the two might be related. However, despite the similarities, the two are not related at all.

The Truth about Robert Ri’chard’s Father

Alongside their look-alike features, the 17-year age gap between Robert and Neal added to the speculations that the latter could be the former’s father. As of this writing, Robert is 40 years of age, whereas Neal is 57 years old.

As stated above, despite the rumors, the two are not biologically related. The similarities between them are not enough evidence to prove they are related.

Robert And Neal Have Similar Facial Features. [Photo: Facebook/Facebook]

Well, the Queen of Hearts star Robert was born to father Andrew Robert Ri’chard and mother Beverly Ann Ri’chard.

However, some sites have stated his dad’s name as Jack Ri’chard, a former basketball player, and have also mentioned that his mom is a retired gym instructor.

Robert is not the only child of Andrew and Beverly. They also have a son named Brandon Ri’chard and a daughter named Christina Ri’chard.

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Robert’s Parents Are His Inspiration

The star of the show One on One is discrete about his father and mother and rarely mentions anything about them.

Regardless of his preference, the celebrity shared a beautiful note dedicated to his old man on 2018’s Father’s Day.

Through the post, Robert shared his gratitude towards Andrew. He thanked him for his love and affection and for being an ideal figure to look up to.

robert-ri'chard-with-his father-jack-parents
Robert Ri’chard With His Father Andrew. [Photo: Facebook]

The actor further added that his father guided him and was a significant influence in his life.

Moreover, Robert regarded Andrew as the most incredible dad and shared a beautiful moment with him in June 2023. Besides, his dad was also referred to as Uncle Drag by the relatives of his family.

Just like his father, the actor has also shared some photos of his mother on a few occasions.

For instance, he expressed his love for Beverly on International Women’s Day. He thanked her for giving birth to him and inspiring him to achieve his dreams.

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Robert’s Grandfather Encouraged Him to Help Others

Not just with his parents, but the handsome actor also has a great bond with his grandfather.

Well, Robert is a valuable contributor to the people of his community. Whenever he visits his hometown, Skid Row In Los Angeles, he distributes clothes to his neighbors.

The actor was motivated by his close ones to help those in need. Before he accepted the Diamond Award at the 6th annual Diamond Awards in February 2020, Robert stated he would take any opportunity to inspire young men.

He added, “I grew up in a household where my grandfather told me to give much, ask little, and inspire all, so that’s my mission on earth.”

With more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Robert has made a name for himself as an actor.

Alongside that, he has also founded HighwayFit, an on-the-go fitness program aimed at making people live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, he joined the Not Alone Foundation in February 2020. It is a non-profit organization committed to the prevention and awareness of kidney disease.

All in all, Robert’s parents, Andrew and Beverly, must be proud of what he has achieved.