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Is Doctor Mike KallMeKris’ New Boyfriend? About the Rumors

Binesh Shrestha


There have been rumors circulating in the streets that Doctor Mike could be KallMeKris’ new boyfriend.

As fans have spotted the talented social media star alongside her alleged boyfriend, they are eager to learn if the supposed pair are indeed dating.

Boyfriend Rumors Sparked through Flirtatious Comments on TikTok

Some fans really have a keen eye on what their favorite celebrity is doing.

So, things started back in the early December of 2021 when Doctor Mike commented, “Is it weird that I’m attracted to Krischelle?,” with Kris replying, “wear extensions all the time,” both of their fans started losing their minds.

Rumors of Kris and Doctor Mike started after their flirtatious comments. [Source: Twitter]

Then the later comments of Mike saying, “You never been with a baddie?” with Kris’ reply of, “Well…maybe one,” fueled the rumors even more.

Plus, in May of 2022, another Twitter user posted that she was pretty convinced that Mike and Kris were indeed dating. In order to be that sure, she had to be in a two-hour-long wormhole.

Fans were so sure that the alleged pair were, in fact, a couple. With their deep-rooted search and eagle eye, hardly anything was left unnoticed.

They were so much into the pair that they even had the time to spot Kris in some of Mike’s videos.

All in all, in May of 2023, The Checkup w/ Doctor Mike podcast uploaded an interview with Kris. So could it be that all of their meeting and interactions were for the sole purpose of making the podcast?

Moreover, a few sites, such as Buzz Nigeria and Heightline, have stated that KalMeKris and Doctor Mike are dating. They have further stated that Kris admitted to dating Mike in a TikTok post that she shared on Valentine’s Day.

Nevertheless, until and unless either Kris or Mike themself come forward and clear the doubts, the shrouding clouds of mystery surrounding their relationship shall remain.

In addition, their social media posts also don’t hint at anything about their dating life.

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Amicable Break-Up With Ex-Boyfriend Aaron Brown

Kris first met her now-ex-partner Aaron in 2016. One of Aaron’s good friends called him over for lunch, and when he arrived, he saw Kris there.

KallMeKris met her boyfriend at lunch. [Photo: Instagram]

Kris found him hot with his shirt off, while Aaron found her beautiful. Something clicked between the two, and they planned their first date. They eventually went to watch Mad Max and also went to Mcdonald’s and had chicken nuggets there.

Coincidentally, it was on Kris’ birthday.

Furthermore, in a romantic gesture, Aaron took a line from Elvis Presley’s song ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ to commemorate their fifth anniversary.

The former couple was in a semi-long distance relationship and only met a few times a week. Plus, they celebrated their relationship anniversary on July 20th.

They were an ideal couple and had each other’s back when they needed support. Well, Aaron was also there when Kris was suffering from mental health issues. In her YouTube video, Kris revealed how being with her then-boyfriend alleviated her.

When Aaron underwent surgery after a ski accident, he had to be bedridden for a while. Sadly, that caused him to go through a depressive episode. Fortunately, Kris was there for him, which acted as a good distraction for her.

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The Couple Broke Up

Unfortunately, not all love stories have a beautiful ending. Fans started enquiring about a possible split in 2021. During a YouTube Q&A, Kris decided not to answer the question regarding her relationship.

Furthermore, she stopped posting about Aaron. These instances made fans question if their relationship was going well. But neither of them revealed anything at that time.

Later on, Kris confirmed that the two parted ways in one of her TikTok posts. She said,

“Tired of being asked if we’re together :p we’re still good friends and we care for eachother dearly. Just grew apart.”

There are no reasons mentioned behind the split of Kris and her former beau, Aaron. But considering they are still good friends, they might have ended their relationship amicably.