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Explore Molly Yeh’s Parents’ Divorce and Her Father’s Remarriage

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Molly Yeh is the proud daughter of John Bruce Yeh and Jody Yeh, born on May 22, 1989. Unfortunately, her parents have already parted ways, and John is now remarried to Teresa Reilly.

Also, Molly is not an only child and has two sisters.

Why Molly Yeh’s Parents Divorced Each Other?

John Bruce Yeh and Jody Yeh had a low-key marital life, as specifics of their wedding date remain undisclosed. Yet, they were together for a significant time before the 1980s, as Molly was born in 1989.

Both have remained tight-lipped regarding their divorce reason, keeping it under wrap. Nevertheless, as per Bustle, they divorced when Molly was just eight years old.

Well, she often features her father and mother on her Instagram account.

Later, John moved on with his life after divorce, marrying Teresa Reilly.

They probably had their wedding in 2000, as per one of his Facebook posts on his anniversary in June 2018. John wrote, ” Happy 18th Anniversary to my beautiful bride! I love you even more now!” with heart emojis.

The wedding ceremony picture of John Bruce Yeh and Teresa Reilly [Photo: John Bruce Yeh’s Facebook]

John and Teresa further strengthened their martial journey when they welcomed their daughter Mia Reilly-Yeh. He often features his wife and daughter on his Facebook page, quite often showcasing love towards them.

Both share a blissful marital life and don’t share any news of divorce.

On the other hand, Jody has kept a low profile, and her side of romantic life remains vague. Although she appears in Molly’s social handle, the beautiful lady possibly has no social accounts.

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Deeper Dive Into Molly’s Talented Parents

According to Tuko, Jody Yeh initially began her career as a clarinetist but later left the musical world, pursuing a career as a chocolatier.

She later became a social worker, leaving her chocolatier work.

Molly Yeh Parents
Molly Yeh with her mother, Jody Yeh. [Photo: Molly Yeh’s Instagram]

As for Molly’s father, John Bruce Yeh is a renowned American clarinetist who has spent several decades in this field of music. He started his career as a clarinetist in 1977, joining the Chicago Symphony Orchestra(CSO).

He made history by being the first Asian musician ever appointed to the CSO.

As of today, John is the founder and director of Chicago Pro Musica, a chamber ensemble. He is also the longest-serving clarinetist in CSO history.

Molly’s dad is a decorated clarinetist, winning the 1982 Munich International Music Competition and the 1985 Naumburg Clarinet Competition in New York.

John also serves as the assistant principal clarinetist and E-flat clarinetist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He inspires the upcoming clarinetists by being a Grammy Award winner for Best New Classical Artist in 1985 and a Frank Sinatra Musical Performance Award winner in 1986.

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Meet Her Talented Sisters

Molly Yeh has an older sister named Jenna Yeh. According to Roosevelt University, she is a culinary artist and wine specialist based in Chicago.

Jenna studied Physics at McGill University before changing her career perspective to the culinary field. She isn’t available on social media, and Molly also hasn’t featured her on social feeds, possibly due to her privacy.

As noted earlier, Molly’s half-sister is Mia Reilly-Yeh from her father’s second marriage.

Will she follow in the footsteps of her dad, John, pursuing a music career? Well, Mia is enrolled at Midwest Young Artists Conservatory, a top-rated youth music ensemble program.

Molly Yeh sister
Mia Reilly-Yeh with her parents, John Bruce Yeh and Teresa Reilly. [Photo: John Bruce Yeh’s Facebook]

Molly Yeh has a close relationship with her parents despite their ups and downs. She also spends a lovely time with her sisters.