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Elias Kacavas’ Rumored Girlfriend Is a Model

Binesh Shrestha


It is not an easy task being a celebrity. There have been instances where people have often misinterpreted someone being someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Such is the case with Elias Kacavas. He had once uploaded a photo with a beautiful model back in 2017, and many are still reporting that she is his alleged partner.

Girlfriend Rumors Started with a Photo

If one is a model, then it is a common occurrence to be pictured with another model. In his initial days, Kacavas collaborated with the beautiful Honora Dalamagas. He uploaded their photo back in June 2017.

According to her Instagram bio, Dalamagas is a beautiful model who has been a student at the University of Saint Joseph. She has over 1K followers on the social media handle.

At first, it was just a normal snap. The chaos began when the handsome actor rose to popularity. Many of his fans flocked to that old post and started questioning if they were dating. One particular user commented, “Why you kill us dating her” followed by other things.

Elias Kacavas and Honora Dalamagas’ Dating Rumors started spreading mainly because of this photo. [Source: Instagram]

Well, Dalamagas has also uploaded a similar picture of the alleged pair with the caption, “Great shoot with my two favorite Greeks.” Even though the actor has commented “Love this” under the photo, it doesn’t hint anything about them being a couple.

Furthermore, it is the only post where the supposed couple are together. Until and unless Kacavas comes forward and says anything about his relationship status or about his girlfriend, there will remain a shrouding cloud of mystery surrounding his love life.

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Was Questioned about Being Gay Because of His Character

Play a part so well in reel life that even fans start to question your sexuality in real life. Many people lost it when Kacavas portrayed the character of young Cal in Season Two of Euphoria. He was cast alongside Henry Eikenberry, who played the role of Young Derek.

The onscreen pair have feelings for one another and, later on, share a smooch while dancing to ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ by INXS on the show. Kacavas was so good in his acting that many genuinely believed he was gay in real life too.

Like always, many of the show’s fans went on to his Instagram handle. They were surprised to see his photo with his alleged partner, Dalamagas. Some applauded him for his top-notch performance, while some expressed their dismay regarding his sexual orientation.

It may take quite a while to learn about Kacavas’s girlfriend. On the other hand, Eikenberry is currently in a relationship with the pretty Delilah Belle Hamlin.

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Kacavas’s Yet Another On-Screen Relationship

Even though it is not known who the Euphoria star’s partner in reality is, he has had plenty of relationships onscreen. In 2022, Kacavas was cast in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. In the show, he is a football star and Karen Beasley’s boyfriend, portrayed by Mallory Bechtel.

[Spoiler Alert] Kacavas is not a great boyfriend in the series, as he kisses Beasley’s best friend, Imogen, in the very first few minutes of the pilot episode. Bailee Madison plays the character of Imogen.

When Kacavas was announced to play the role alongside Bechtel. [Source: Twitter]

Talking about Madison, she is in a relationship with Blake Richardson, a singer.

As it has been stated quite a few times above, Kacavas has been in plenty of relationships in reel. However, he has refrained from sharing anything regarding his relationship in real.

Hopefully, there will come a day when the emerging actor will open up and share a glimpse of his partner if he has any.