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Who Is Matt McCusker’s Wife? Does He Have Any Children?

Himal Ale Magar


Matt McCusker is a married man. The comedian and writer fathers two children with his wife Brittany. The co-host of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast updated his fans about his family life on social media platforms like Instagram.

Despite attaining massive attention in his field of work, McCusker lives a private life. Although he is no stranger to sharing beautiful moments with his family, he has not shared much information about their relationship and marriage.

Matt McCusker’s Wife Is An Amazing Mother

While the comic himself hasn’t properly introduced his fans and followers to his dear wife, she does make frequent appearances on his socials, especially while celebrating milestones.

The couple was blessed with their first child in March 2020. Matt shared his joys of parenthood with a series of pictures of his daughter and wife.

Matt McCusker With His Family [Photo: Instagram]

One of his posts, which he uploaded in April 2020, featured his wife and daughter and was captioned, “Practicing for that official Easter photo.”

On March 2021, Matt and his wife Brittany celebrated their daughter’s first birthday. The post received several well-wishes from his fans and followers.

A user in the comments wrote, “Congrats man she looks so full of joy, and I can see her resemblance to you! Love you bro.”

Further, the couple was blessed with a second child in June 2022. Matt could not hide his excitement and announced her birth on his Instagram.

Brittany With Her Two Daughters [Photo: Instagram]

Much like during the birth of his first child, the comedian received an outpouring of well wishes and congratulations from his fans.

Besides, Matt has not revealed the name of his daughters to the public. It’s assumed he prefers to keep the information about his children private until they can think for themselves.

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Does Matt McCusker Have An Ex-Wife? Why Did He Divorce?

Currently, Matt enjoys the company of his wife, children, and two Akitas in his humble abode in South Jersey. Besides, before committing himself to married life and parenthood, the comedian lived a different lifestyle with his ex-wife.

However, Matt has not spoken or disclosed any information about his previous marriage and ex-wife to the media. He had only mentioned his previous partners on a few occasions.

In one such instance, Matt talked about his ex-wife on a YouTube video. He shared a story with the viewers about how he taught his ex-wife a lesson.

However, he does not mention any information regarding their fallout, which led to their initial divorce.

Besides, in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Matt described his divorce as a miserable endeavor and added it was a bad experience even if you’re not losing money

He further shared he moved from his marriage into a house where he lived with five other comedians. Matt said he lived on an air mattress for two years. The comedian added he would return it to Walmart every time it got deflated to get a new one.

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Matt McCusker’s Life Before The Limelight

Regarding his educational background, Matt graduated from Drexel University in 2009 with a degree in international business.

Further, as per an article on Drexel University’s website, Matt started a vegan taco truck with his brother, Tom at the school in 2009.

The article reported, “McCusker is known as the Philly street food godfather. The press made him famous long before he pocketed a dime. He cooked tacos for Chef Gordon Ramsay — a victory for any young business owner.”

Additionally, the article claimed Matt’s father had a demolition business, and Matt, along with his brother, bought a $250,000 home in Powelton Village.

However, Philly Food Feed reported Matt McCusker left the family business to pursue wedded bliss with his lovely fiance.