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Anitra Mecadon’s Married and Personal Life

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Anitra Mecadon is a design maximalist and expert renovator who stars alongside Lil Jon in HGTV’s Lil Jon Wants to Do What? From edgy nightclubs to hip restaurants, the TV personality has designed some of the best spaces in Atlanta over the past ten years.

Apart from a prosperous professional career, the interior designer also lives a happy and prosperous personal life. Did you know Mecadon’s husband is a musician?

Anitra’s Husband Is a Man of Multiple Talents

The celebrity designer’s partner is Adam Bret, a musician who describes himself as an entertainment personality.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Bret has been working as an On-Air Talent and Consulting Producer at HGTV’s Lil Jon Wants to Do What?

In addition, Mecadon’s husband is an executive producer at Low Rides Films. He has been a part of the firm since 2011 and specializes in talent, series development, and packaging, among other things.

Anitra Mecadon’s husband, Adam Bret, is a talented man. [Photo: Instagram]

Further, he is a producer, lead vocal, songwriter, and guitarist for his band Soulphood. Bret has been actively engaged in the band since its formation in 1987.

Regarding his educational background, the designer’s partner studied Engineering and Communications at the University of Miami.

Also, Bret studied and trained in theater to groom himself as an actor. Over the years, he has appeared in film, television, and projects.

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Married since 2013

Mecadon and Bret have been living as spouses since October 31, 2013. Prior to that, the lovely duo were in a long-term relationship.

Well, the interior designer was pretty happy about getting married. On the day of her wedding, she announced the good news on her Twitter and stated she had not slept all night because of excitement.

After their nuptials, Mecadon and Bret went to Paris for their honeymoon. The beautiful moment was shared by the 45-year-old on her Instagram in December 2013.

Further, the couple have been together for a decade, and their support and love for each other has only gotten stronger.

For instance, the musician and producer encouraged Lil Jon and Mecadon to collaborate, stating they both work so well together and have really good ideas.

Proud Mother of a Son

From their marital life, Anitra is also blessed with a cute son named Nash. The couple welcomed their child in November 2016. Their little one is seven years old as of this writing.

The TV personality and her husband are proud parents of a son. [Photo: Instagram]

Anitra Mecadon shared the news of her pregnancy for the first time on Instagram with a sonogram picture of her unborn child. She later revealed her baby bump in July 2016, stating that she was 21 weeks pregnant.

Well, Anitra’s kid is getting bigger day by day, and reminds her to find joy and beauty in simple things.

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Anitra Mecadon’s Net Worth and Career

Over the years, the TV personality used her maximalist design skills to guide and assist homeowners in innovating their living spaces.

The expert renovator has helped bring expensive and radical ideas to life in an efficient and cost-effective way. Given Mecadon’s skills and expertise in her field, she must earn a huge amount of money for her hard work.

According to the information provided by Indeed, an interior designer averagely earns around $66,160 per year. So, the television host must have a salary that matches the respective amount or exceeds it.

Furthermore, her earnings throughout the years as one of the best designers in the industry must have considerably contributed to her overall worth.

Before her take in HGTV’s Lil Jon Wants to Do What? , Mecadon designed and built a rec room on DIY Network’s Mega Dens.

Besides, apart from her degree in interior design from Bauder College, she had a fair share of experience in art and theater.

So, she used those skills in her designs by creating custom-painted furniture, which ranges from hand-painted green cabinets to graffiti-inspired chairs.

Grew up in a Loving Family

Born to father Charlie Mecadon and mother Patty Mecadon, Anitra grew up with two of her siblings. She has an elder sister named Pilar Labriola and a brother Fran Mecadon.

Anitra Mecadon with her brother and sister when they all were young. [Photo: Instagram]

The three of them have a strong bond with each other. As kids, they at times dressed for costume parties.

Currently, her sister Pilar is a professional Chiropractor who is married to her husband Joseph. The lovely couple even have a son named Nicholas.