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Riley John Savage Reveals Relationship Status: Officially Has a Girlfriend

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Riley John Savage revealed on a YouTube video that he had a girlfriend on January 2023.

Further explaining, he clarified that he was committed to a happy relationship and already found a “special one.”

Back in 2020, Riley also said he had a good love life and described it as the Dinosaur egg, which was “rare” and “special.”

He appeared to have a girlfriend but chose not to make the relationship public. The YouTuber is a very private person who doesn’t reveal his personal life in public.

Riley John Savage Shares: “I Got a Good Love Life”

During a Q&A video, he and his friend answered all the questions in 2020. Then one user asked them to describe their love life.

The user asked, “If your love life could be described in eggs what kind of eggs would they be.”

Riley’s friends replied first and said, “that kind of like a farm egg where the yoks really orange.” But his answer was different when describing his love life.

He said, “I was gonna say dinosaur egg.” Savage explained the reason behind choosing the dinosaur egg and said, “Because it’s like rare and special, I got a good love life.”

The video cleared out that he had a girlfriend at that time. Just six months ago, as of writing, he again revealed that he has been in a relationship.

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Riley Confirmed He’d Already Found His “Special One”

Riley John Savage appeared in Dev Limes’ (YouTuber) video where he was searching for true love with the dating app Tinder.

Savage created a convincing profile of a sporty, casssenova-type guy and pretended to be searching for the woman of his dreams on the dating app.

Riley John Savage [Photo: Instagram]

Riley began to chat with different girls but couldn’t find one.

Then he said, “It may have seemed like the joke was on me, you know, I didn’t get very many matches and I was kind of struggling on Tinder the whole thing.”

He continued, “But turns out joke’s actually on you guys because I wasn’t actually looking for.” Savage stated that he was happily committed to a relationship and that he was there just for fun.

He added, “I tricked the whole world. I pulled the wool over the world’s eyes and successfully did it everybody thought I was out here looking for love.”

Moreover, he said he already had that “special one.” It eventually confirmed that he had a girlfriend. Well, he is yet to reveal who the lucky lady is.

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Fans Talk about Hivemind Members’ Relationships on Reddit

Hivemind followers took out the topic, “Who is hivemind dating?” and discussed it on Reddit.

One user wrote, “both riley and graydon are married with a child each; riley has a 15 year old daughter and graydon has a newborn son named ian. dignan is single and looking for a serious long term relationship.”

Then another user penned, “Graydon is dating someone, Riley can’t be nailed down by anyone, and Dignan isn’t really reciprocating my flirty DMs, but I’m not sure if that means he’s not interested or if I’m just worrying too much.”

Another one still commented, “they’re both mine sorry hun.”

However, since Riley John Savage already confirmed that he had a girlfriend, the YouTuber might be breaking some fan hearts should the news go public.