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Cosplay Couple: Jessica Nigri and Her Boyfriend

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The cosplayer Jessica Nigri revealed her boyfriend, Ryan Brandt, in 2015 through an Instagram post where he was getting a rad new tattoo on his left hand.

Since then, Nigri and Brandt have been together for over seven years. Both of them share an immense love for anime and have quite a few common interests.

Nigri’s Beau Is the Founder of a Clothing Brand

Alongside being Nigri’s partner, Brandt is also the founder of the popular clothing brand Fake Nerd. They offer a variety of products, including hats, shirts, hoodies, and bottoms.

In addition, the brand also offers different stickers and accessories, such as flags, key tags, skateboard decks, tactical backpacks, masks, and others. They must sell a lot, considering they have over 44.8K followers on their Instagram handle.

Apart from that, Brandt is also into collecting Pokemon cards. As a matter of fact, he has got a separate account solely dedicated to the propose. The account’s bio read, “Seeker of Pokémon cards, collectables and other nostalgic junk.”

As per the Biography Talks, he also has a Pokemon tattoo on his body, and Nigri loves it. He has also got a tattoo of an owl on his neck and a chainsaw man piece on his thigh.

As mentioned above, the lovebirds are into animes. Brandt has also cosplayed with Nigri on various occasions.

Nigri Is Thankful for Her Boyfriend

In April, Nigri tweeted and thanked her boyfriend for helping her whenever she was in a pickle. She claimed that her boyfriend was “insanely helpful.”

Moreover, she also mentioned that she couldn’t do half of what she was doing without him.

Jessica Nigri thanked her boyfriend, Ryan Brandt, for helping her in a difficult situation [Photo: Twitter]

Despite the literal picture-perfect relationship, the couple has yet to decide to tie the knot with each other.

Nigri is now a well-known American-New Zealander cosplayer, YouTuber, voice artist, and promotional model. Well, she came into the limelight after wearing a unique dress at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2009.

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Jessica Nigri Steals The Event With Her Unique Dressup

Jessica Nigri skyrocketed to internet fame after wearing the unique dress of a mature version of “Sexy Pikachu” from Pokemon in 2009.

Nigri’s pictures went viral instantly on the internet and gained millions of followers on social media. The cosplayer hadn’t been to this event before and knew little about it.

Jessica Nigri dressed as Pikachu [Photo: YouTube]

According to The Famous People, one of her friends bought a ticket to this International event. Nigri did some research about it on the internet and went to the event wearing a special dress which instantly went viral.

Then her career as a cosplay artist started. Previously, she was interested in video games and started playing when she was seven. Her father also supported and introduced her to the gaming world.

Nigri now lives in the United States but spent her early days in New Zealand and later moved to the USA.

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Jessica Spent Her Early Days On Her Mother’s Home Nation

The famous cosplayer was born in the United States on August 5, 1989, but she spent her early years in New Zealand; that’s where her mother was from. Later, Nigri moved to Arizona when she was 12 years old.

Then she attended the public school Desert Vista High School after moving to the United States. Nigri is the daughter of Jacqueline and Cory Nigri.

Jessica Nigri [Photo: Instagram]

Nigri has now amassed millions of followers on social media and has cosplayed many other characters from different anime and video games.

Nigri has also given a voice to many comic book-based series and video games. Furthermore, she also did various commercials and promotional videos.