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Soulmate & Best Friend: Caity Babs’ Husband Holds Both Titles

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The Canadian-American radio host Caity Babs married her best friend, Hayden Tree, on May 12, 2019. Caity and her husband tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony, and she shared her wedding photo five days later through Twitter.

Babs tweeted that she couldn’t believe she had married her best friend.

“We will grow together forever and achieve all that we set out to do,” she stated in the Tweet.

Caity and her husband were best friends before having a relationship and used to talk with each other after having problems with their previous relationships.

Both of them made time every day to talk and make sure all things were going well.

Caity Babs and Her Husband Started To Date In 2014

The couple began to date in the last month of 2014. Caity fell in love with him when she went on the Warped Tour in the summer of 2014 to see her previous boyfriend.

But she ended up spending more time with Hayden. He consistently contacted her multiple times every day, regardless of how busy he was.

Later, in 2017, the radio host tweeted about their three years of togetherness, where she noted that they were not together for the second year.

However, it didn’t bother them; they always maintained their long-distance relationship. They again reunited and spent quality time together.

Caity Babs married her best friend, Hayden Tree [Photo: Twitter]

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Caity Babs Announced Her Marriage

The lovely couple was drawn to each other and eventually announced their marriage. In July 2018, the beautiful radio host shared the news of their wedding through Twitter.

Babs tweeted, “Can’t wait to marry you, best friend.”

Just two months later, she posted her image on Facebook and mentioned that she was planning her wedding.

Eventually, the lovely couple married a year later, and now they are celebrating their four years of togetherness this year.

Caity Babs can’t wait to marry her best friend [Photo: Twitter]

The Canadian-American radio host met Hayden on the Metal show where he performed at The Opera House.

Caity Babs and Husband Met at Metal Show

Babs lived in Toronto, and one night, her good friend Joey asked her to join him on his friend’s show.

The radio host wasn’t interested, but Joey somehow convinced her. Caity didn’t know any band members and met him for a drink. Then, she met up with their friend Jazmin and headed to the venue.

They entered the venue and looked left, and she showed Hayden leaning over his merch booth and saying something to Stevie, their merch guy. They headed over to the merch table with the merch guy.

Then Hayden and Joey started to chat immediately, so naturally, she thought they knew each other. They followed him backstage, and she thought he wanted to talk to Joey in a quiet place.

Caity Babs and her husband, Hayden [Photo: Instagram]

But Caity was totally stunned when he introduced himself to Joey. Later, she also finds out that Hayden asked Joey to come backstage so he could talk to her.

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Caity Babs and Hayden Tree Kissed At Their First Meeting

Caity Babs and Hayden had kissed that night after they played a drinking game. That night, Hayden asked, “Wanna play a drinking game?” and said, “If I finish my drink first, you have to kiss me.”

The radio host accepted the game and let him finish his drink first to have a kiss. The duo kissed on their first night of meeting, which was memorable for her.

Caity Babs [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, it was a great night for her because Hayden asked her to hold his walled hat and cell phone while he went on stage. This was so strange for her since they had literally just met then.

They are drawn to each other, and instead of continuing to talk in a romantic, flirty way, they become best friends. But eventually, before making things official, they talked about everything daily.

Caity Babs’ Spouse Is A Musician

Hayden Tree is a well-known musical artist. He was born on February 19, 1993, in Texas.

He is one of the members of Crown the Empire, a post-hardcore band formed in 2010 in Dallas, Texas. Hayden is the bassist of the band. Previously, he was the lead guitarist.

Initially, Andy Leo, and David Escamilla were on the vocals, Brandon Hoover and Bennett Vogelman were the guitarists, Austin Duncan was on the keyboard, and Brent Taddie was on the drums. Their styles range from alternative metal and metalcore to post-hardcore and heavy metal,

Currently, Andy Leo, AKA Andrew Rockhold, is the vocalist, with Brandon as the guitarist, Hayden as the bassist, and Jeeves Avalos as the drummer.

Some of their well-known albums are The Fallout, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways, and Retrograde.

Alongside being a bassist, Hayden is also a DJ and producer. He goes by Munk, AKA ‘munktheimmortal.’ To date, he has released three songs: Immortal, Fantome ft Dack Janiels, and Desires.

Hayden also has quite a fan following with over 75K followers on his Instagram.