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Alex Eubank and Abigail White – Have They Separated?

Binesh Shrestha


Fitness trainer Alex Eubank and his girlfriend Abigail White have decided to part ways ending their relationship. The couple broke up in the first half of 2023.

Though the former pair haven’t revealed the exact reason for their separation, their romance ended amicably.

Addressed His Break up in One of His YouTube Videos

Alex Eubank had pranked his fans about his breakup in some of his past videos. He once even titled a video ‘MARRIED & MOVING !?!’, which turned out to be a clickbait. However, it looks like he has really split from his partner Abigail this time around.

In a video titled ‘Breaking Up (Actually this time),’ the 23-year-old revealed that he and Abigail have decided to halt their relationship.

After not finding Abby in many of his recent social media posts, people had been questioning where she was.

Well, she moved back to Texas, where she would mostly be working on herself. Furthermore, the former couple doesn’t have any bad blood if Alex is to be believed. Albeit, they still follow one another on Instagram.

Abigail’s ex-boyfriend said that he still liked her, and they had an open dialogue.

As per Alex himself, social media had blessed his life. So since his fans wanted him to address his love life, he had to do it. He also asked them not to make trolls out of it and made his feelings clear.

Since then, he has uploaded many YouTube videos with titles like ‘Breakup Advice,’ ‘I Fell In Love In Miami!,’ ‘New Gym Crush?!?’ ‘Is my gym crush bigger than me?’ and ‘Too Many Gym Crushes.’

Could this be a hint that Alex is possibly looking forward to moving on?

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Recently, he posted a video, ‘SHE’S NOT COMING BACK,’ which made his fans wonder if it was about Abigail. However, it wasn’t the case, as it was just one of his motivational videos.

The now-broken-up pair’s last post together was back in the last weeks of April. Abigail had captioned the post, ‘aesthetic kiss so aesthetic that alex can’t stop lookin at himself.’

Abigail Is Much More than Just Alex Eubank’s Ex-girlfriend

It is certain that many learned about Abigail White after her association with Alex. Well, she is much more than a pretty face. The beautiful lady is also a fitness trainer with a massive fan following on her social media handles.

She has more than 660K followers on her TikTok, with some videos garnering over 16.7 million likes. She also started her YouTube channel five months ago. It is slowly attracting fans and is about to reach 5000 subscribers.

Abigail White has a massive fan following. [Source: Instagram]

Furthermore, she shares her fitness journey and keeps her 214K followers updated via her Instagram. In addition, Alex’s ex-beau is associated with multiple brands, including Gymshark, HELIMIX, Alphalete, and Ryse Supplements.

Any Signs of Patching Up?

As stated before, the pair had an amicable breakup, considering the video where Alex confirmed that they still follow one another. However, their recent posts on Instagram suggest otherwise.

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About a week ago, Abigail posted some photos with the caption, ‘i got my eyes on one thing, and it ain’t you.’ Many fans believe that she was throwing shades toward her former beau.

Fans believe it was a shade toward her ex-partner Alex. [Source: Instagram]

Basically, not everyone agreed to it, as there were many who were supporting her ex-boyfriend Alex.

One commenter even wrote that Alex and Abigail mutually broke up because he wanted to make content with other women. Evidently, Alex has produced content featuring multiple ladies after the split.

Neither of their social media handles suggests that they are currently in a relationship with anyone. Nevertheless, only time will tell if the fitness trainers have any plans of getting back together.