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Summrs Went Live on Instagram with His Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Because of his secretive nature, Summrs’ personal life never fails to be a discussion topic among fans. On several Reddit or social media platforms, everybody has him asking one question: Who is his girlfriend?

On top of that, in 2021, he went live with a girl whom he claimed as his girlfriend. After that, fans began to wonder about her. So, who is this lucky lady who’s with him?

Summrs Revealed He Has Moved in with His Girlfriend

Summrs, whose real name is Deante Adam Johnson, had revealed his lover through a live video on his official Instagram account. The live video was uploaded in July 2021 on the YouTube channel 4k Plug.

In the live video, when he showed her, everyone alleged him of turning her into a junkie when he said they were celebrating. Netizens even asked him to stop drugging her. In response, he stated that his partner was a grown woman.

Furthermore, Summrs revealed his girlfriend’s birthday was in two day days and disclosed she was turning 20 years of age. She was a Pisces, and he was a Scorpio.

Also, the rapper talked about how broke he was and that he was living with her at the moment. The couple had moved in together as he had left the guys and went with her.

However, throughout the video, the rapper did not reveal the name of his significant other. Also, that was not the only time he went live with her. He went live again with her while they were shopping together in Target.

While the rapper himself did not reveal the identity of his partner, fans started discussing about her on social media. As a result, it was later revealed by one of his fans on Reddit that she was Melody.

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The Couple Met Via Instagram

Rapper Summrs talked about how he met Melody in one of his live streams. When a follower questioned about how the two got together, Summrs replied he met her through Instagram.

He added that Melody did not reply to him when Summrs first sent her a text message. Eventually, Melody joined the stream and shared she thought Summrs was [Explicit].

Summrs And Melody [Photo: YouTube]

Further, Melody added she did not want to seem like the type of girl who would fall for him because he was verified. She did not care about the fact that he was popular.

Melody often appeared in live videos with his girlfriend. However, things were not always smooth for them, as they sometimes had discussions.

Furthermore, it is not known if Melody and Summrs are still together since he has not made any comment about his relationship status.

Melody Did Not Know the Name of Summrs’ Song

As mentioned earlier, the couple sometimes had fights. A video posted on the YouTube channel Sucvse revealed a recording of a live stream from Summr’s secondary Instagram account.

In the respective video, the rapper argued and had a heated discussion with his belle Melody. The tension between the couple grew as Melody was not able to name most of his songs.

When asked what her favorite from Summrs’ new tape was, his lover was not able to name three songs.

Summrs [Photo: Instagram]

As a reply to her response, the rapper said that he was disappointed. He further added she’d turn out just like Bell, who is Summrs’ ex-girlfriend.

Also, since Melody does seem to be active on her social media sites, it has made fans wonder about her whereabouts. As a result of her private nature, a mystery girl claimed she was Summrs’ partner on a Reddit post back in May 2023.

A Reddit user uploaded a post on the online forum where Summrs’ supposed lover spoke about a particular situation. As a response to the post, numerous Reddit users commented that girl was not his partner.

Whereas some users were lost about what situation his supposed partner was talking about, others were left confused regarding the girl claiming to be his lover.

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Summrs and Bell’s Relationship

Before being in a relationship with Melody, the rapper was dating a woman named Bell. The relationship timeline of the couple remains a mystery.

Furthermore, the ex-pair often collaborated on various projects. Unfortunately, the couple eventually called it quits.

Moreover, the information regarding the fallout between Summrs and his ex-lover Bell remained a mystery as well.

The rapper released a tracklist called Bellworld2, which was a reference to his ex-partner. Sadly, it cannot be found on his SoundCloud account because of copyright issues.

Their relationship was a topic of discussion on sites like SoundCloud, where users commented on their opinions about their relationship.

Further, concerning the reason behind their breakup, a user commented that during Summrs and Bell’s on-and-off relationship, she cheated on him several times, which led to their breakup.

However, rapper Summrs has not confirmed or denied these rumors and speculations as of this writing.