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Snowfall Star Carter Hudson: All You Need to Know About Him

Binesh Shrestha


Carter Hudson made his first television appearance on the TV series A Crime to Remember. Since then, he has come a long way and showcased his talents in multiple acting projects.

Here is everything you should know about the talented actor.

Studied Acting and His Other Theatrical Works

Carter was born in Shreveport, Louisana. He attended Collin College to study acting after moving to Texas.

Later, he transferred to New York’s SUNY Purchase. There, he signed up at the school’s prestigious Conservatory of Theatre Arts and graduated in 2009.

He quickly became a working actor and appeared in tons of plays all over the country. Some of the plays where he illustrated his skills are Van Gogh’s Ear, The Unbuilt City, The Whipping Man, and The Chosen, among others.

Carter Hudson previously worked in theatres. [Source: Facebook]

Carter is also one of the authors of the play The Boogyman Thumbs A-1-A alongside Carl Holder and Eddie Prunoske.

Furthermore, he has also lent his voice to the ‘local population,’ in Red Dead Redemption, a video game.

Carter was initially more focused on the NY theater scene. He has acted in many acclaimed Broadway plays, such as The Substance of Fire and The Effect.

It is difficult to know the age of the actor, considering he hasn’t revealed anything about his birthdate.

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Married to His Wife since 2014

The Snowall star has already settled down in his life. He is enjoying a blissful marital life with his wife, Hollye Hudson (née Gilbert).

The lovely couple shared marital vows on June 21, 2014, in Brooklyn, New York. They are about to reach a decade mark soon.

Similar to her husband’s profession, Hollye is also into acting. She studied at Collin College’s theater program in Plano, Texas. Well, as stated above, Carter was also a student there.

So, could it be that the pair’s relationship started from their college days?

Carter Hudson and his wife attended the same college. [Source: YouTube]

According to IMDb, she has four credits as an actress in I, Witness, It’s Fine, Art Machine, and Mary Last Seen.

Besides appearing in some events together, the married duo is mum about their relationship. Nevertheless, they were expecting a kid a couple of months ago.

Hollye’s pregnancy was revealed back on February 15, 2023, when the lovebirds attended the Red Carpet Premiere Event for FX’s Snowfall‘s sixth and final season. She flaunted her baby bump alongside her better half.

Knowing their secretive nature, it is not known if they have welcomed a kid already.

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Carter’s Career as an Actor and Net Worth

As aforementioned, Carter Hudson has been involved in the acting industry for quite some time. Starting early on in his theatre days, he has worked on many top projects now.

He first had a small role in A Crime to Remember in 2013. After that, he worked in The Night Of, Bear + Stella, The Wilds, The Art of Hosting, and Dear Edward.

Carter landed his most significant role, Teddy in Snowfall, in 2017. Well, when executive producer Thomas Schlamme was having trouble finding the lead actor for a character, his wife, Christine Lahti, suggested he look into Carter, whom she saw during an Off-Broadway show.

Later, Carter read the lines in New York one day, was flown to LA the next morning, and had the part the following day.

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of an actor in the US is $48,234. Considering Carter’s experience, he must have already amassed quite a considerable sum of amount.

In addition, he also co-founded the Glass Bandits Theater Company, which too must be contributing to his net worth.

All in all, Carter Hudson has worked hard to reach his current level. Unlike others, he is a man of privacy. Carter is not active on any social media handles, so further details regarding his personal life are yet to be known.