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Stefanie Martini’s Partner Had to Take Medication for Depression in Her Early Teens

Prasiddha Gautam


The Gold star Stefanie Martini came out as bisexual in June 2021. Currently, she is living a blissful life with her partner, El Wood.

Moreover, her girlfriend had depression since her early teenage but repressed it to look cool in front of friends. Well, El has learned to live with her mental disorders and now works as an Intimacy coordinator and a model.

Stefani’s Partner Had Tendencies to Self-Harm

It all began when El was 12 years old. Her parents got divorced, and she had to move to a lot of places and change schools.

She said that phase was the worst time of her life. El became overwhelmed and didn’t even want to go to school.

Unfortunately, she got into drugs and was prone to self-infliction. Plus, her father and mother didn’t know what to do with her.

El couldn’t share her feelings with anyone and felt isolated and disconnected. The peers El hung out with were also negative ones. These aspects led her to depression during her early days.

The model felt embarrassed to talk about her mental disorders. Further, she pretended that everything was fine. Due to repressed emotions, her panic attacks got out of control, and she even tried to kill herself.

As time went on, El had to take medication for depression. She took Sertraline, which is a drug used to manage and treat major depressive disorders.

Sertraline minimized her mental disorder, but it only had temporary effects. Unfortunately, her depression was returning time and again.

When El tried to take a break from the medicine, it got even worse as she felt even more depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Well, the drug had made it hard for her in the long run.

A ray of hope shone in her life when she stopped taking medication for a year. El Wood’s depression hadn’t gone, but she got better at coping with it.

She addressed that taking medicine is great for temporary relief but emphasized that in the long run, counseling and exercising would assist.

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El Wood Has Co-ordinated Intimate Scenes in Movies

Stefanie Martini’s partner is credited by top names, including Netflix, Disney+, BBC, and Channel 4. She had assisted directors in filming intimate scenes in movies.

She has worked as an intimacy coordinator in many movies like The Cut, How to Have [Explitive], Unicorns, Blue Jeans, and many more.

El Wood is a specialist in handling intimate matters. Further, she has strived to represent intimacy in a more inclusive way.

stefanie with her girlfriend at an wedding event
Stefanie’s partner is an intimacy coordinator. [Photo: Stefanie’s Instagram]

According to her, she, first of all, talks with the actors and asks them if they feel comfortable with the requested task.

Then, El speaks with the organization about the costume, makeup, production, legal, and props.

Plus, she has had written documents that were specific for every production she has done until now. The model has gathered a decade of experience while working in the industry.

She is a natural mediator and an advocate between the actors and the production. Moreover, the lovely lady assists in making a scene look more authentic.

Further, El checks whether or not the agreement between actors and production management is followed.

She is aware that every individual has a different perspective and bond with intimacy.

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Stefanie Revealed Her Girlfriend in New Year With a Passionate Kiss

Stefanie publically announced her relationship with El Wood in an Instagram post where they shared a passionate kiss.

The actress penned, ” Happy New Year!! I’m normally pretty private, but- it’s really nice to be in the place where I can love who I want to love.”

Stefanie and El Wood announced their relationship via Instagram. [Photo: Instagram]

Further, she had once even referred to her lover as a wife in another post during New Year 2023.

The limelight showered upon El Wood when she and Stefanie attended a pre-Bafta film-makers dinner at Alfred Dunhill’s Boudon House in Mayfair.

The actress wore gold attire that revealed her toned abs, while her girlfriend came in a long black gown that showcased her hourglass figure and tattooed arms.

They both looked glamorous and complemented each other. Recently, the duo had gone to the wedding of their friend, which was held in Tuscany, Italy.

Further, the pair enjoyed the party and applauded their friend for a luxurious Italian experience.

They had also gone to Mexico previously and had an adventurous time there.

El Wood wrote, “Get yourself a girl that accidentally makes you cycle on a Mexican freeway in a heatwave for 4 hours before abseiling into an underground cave. It’s pretty cool.” The caption narrated a story that conveyed the duo had a blast in Mexico.

Additionally, in the month of May, El shared a series of pictures of her daily life.

It could be seen in the posts that the pair had gone on a loving date. They relished the pasta and were seen relaxing. El and Stefanie had also brought their pet puppy.

All in all, the duo are living a dreamy life while maintaining a balance with their professional life.