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The Cake Boy Jonny Manganello: Does The Baker Have A Partner In His Life?

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Although Jonny Manganello usually tweets about his ex-partners, there has been an air of mystery surrounding his relationships. Even as he’s dishing out tweets on his former partner, the names are well under wraps.

His Twitter account, where he has over 23.6k followers, doesn’t hint at anything related to his current love life. So, as of this writing, it is possible that the talented baker is single.

Many might already know about his sexuality, but if you didn’t, then, well, the lovely Jonny Manganello is a proud gay man.

Often Tweets about His Ex-partner

The celebrity baker rarely talks about his relationship on his Instagram account, and most of his posts are related to cake. But a quick glance at his Twitter handle reveals that the cake guy has been in not just one but multiple relationships in the past.

There have been many instances where Jonny has mentioned his ex-partners.

In one case, he tweeted that he was in Boston to meet his ex-boyfriend just because he was missing his dog. Not only that but there are a few other tweets that show his adorance for and bond with the lovely pet.

Even if he and his then-partner had to part ways, it looks like he had an amicable breakup, considering he still visits him from time to time.

Nevertheless, he once did tweet about one of his former boyfriends cheating on him. But it was not revealed if it was the one with whom he once shared the dog or someone else.

Though he occasionally tweets about his ex-partners, never has he mentioned any details regarding them. This alone shows how much of a secretive guy the cake baker is and how much privacy means to him.

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But from what he has posted on his Twitter, most of the baker’s former partners were unsuccessful.

Furthermore, in 2022, Jonny tweeted that he was sending a photo to his ex-beau. He further added that he would keep his followers updated on whether he will get back with his former lover. Though it’s not sure if they patched things up.

Even Dated a Girl during His High School Days

It is not surprising knowing many gay men dated ladies in the past before knowing their true sexual orientation—much like the celebrity baker, who used to be in a relationship with a beautiful lady in his high school days.

Though not much is known about his ex-girlfriend, what is sure is that he still is in touch with her. He once posted a four-second video of him lying on a beach, enjoying a drink with his high school partner.

Going by how much he has posted about his relationship, could it be he is looking for someone?

Learn More about the Talented Baker

The Cake Boy is much more than just his endearing persona.

He is mostly known as “JonnyCakes” and has millions of followers on his many social media handles. He gained popularity for creating hyper-realistic cakes, for which he even appeared in Netflix’s 2022 show Is It Cake?

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There, he, alongside eight other bakers, made mouthwatering and exquisite replicas of different objects, including handbags and sewing machines.

Andrew Fuller, Hemu Basu, April Julian, Steve Weiss, Justin Rasmussen-Ellen, Dessiree Salaverria, Nina Marie Charles, and Sam Cade were the other cake makers whom he competed against.

Jonny Manganello [Photo: Instagram]

Alongside being a show, it was also a competition, which sadly, he didn’t win.

Nevertheless, no one can deny that Jonny Manganello is a talented baker who makes delicious cakes.

All in all, only time will tell if he will ever reveal his boyfriend to his beloved fans. Till then, sit back and enjoy his delicious craft.