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David Freiburger’s Serendipitous Meeting with His Wife

Dinesh Shrestha


Everyone’s favorite host of the documentary series Roadkill David Freiburger has actively refrained from revealing his wife to the public. Even though he is active on social media, he never posts about his wife.

Freiburger prefers to collect classic cars, and all of his posts are about his car collection. Netizens know that he is married but still unknown who his wife is.

Met His Wife In the Office

The TV personality prefers to keep his personal life mystery. But eventually, he revealed that he had met his wife at the office.

Freiburger had a job in a magazine. Hence, other staff members called his wife with the name Petersen Bride. He has admitted that the most significant benefit of working for a magazine was he found his wife.

“She’s unreasonably tolerant and supportive,” he professed while speaking to Motor Trend. However, he had to get away from his wife when he left the office.

David Freiburger [Photo: Instagram]

As per the e-biography post, the couple met at the Petersen Publishing Company. The company offers publishing services and published products.

The publishing company publishes several interest magazines and sells-related advertising.

Once again, he left the netizens in the dark as he didn’t reveal his wife’s name. He stated, “As a policy, I don’t mention family names online, so I’ll leave it a mystery here, as well.”

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David Freiburger Hated His Wife’s Car

In a YouTube video from February 2017 titled “The Car Freiburger Hates the Most,” he responded to queries about his most hated car.

While answering the fan’s question, one user asked, “What is the car you hate driving the most but you can’t get rid of it.”

He replied, “I remember this clearly years ago, my wife had a Volvo Station Wagon. I hated that car. She didn’t want to get rid of it. I despised that thing.”

However, he was happy at that time with his car collection.

“I actually pretty happy with my own personal fleet. For the first time ever, I’ve got the right collection,” he stated.

David Freiburger’s Revealed His First Car

While giving an interview with Fuel Curve in 2022, the TV personality divulged his first car.

Freiburger revealed that he had a ’70 Dodge Super Bee. Interestingly, he still owned it after 37 years in 2022. “I’ve had more than 180 cars, and the current count is 22. Oh, 23 – I bought a Wagoneer today,” he said.

Then when he was asked if he had any regrets about selling any of his cars.

Freiburger recalled having a 1971 Road Runner with a 440 Six Barrel, a Pistol Grip four-speed, an Air Grabber, and the Super Track Pack when he was 19 years old. Its interior had a bench seat in silver and black with a black stripe.

David Freiburgers first car [Photo: Instagram]

He regretted selling it.

Later on in the interview, the TV personality claimed that he found TV far simpler to work on than magazine editing. He explained that completing a magazine issue required at least two dozen ideas, whereas TV needed merely one concept for every show.

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Because none of his shows were scripted, and there was no writing involved, he said that on TV, he showed up, and did his thing, then the editing fell to someone else.

Further, he professed that the crew on his shows had to work far harder than the hosts.