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Sarita Choudhury’s Married Life: Unveiling Her Husband

Dinesh Shrestha


Sarita Choudhury is mainly known for her appearance in the romance and drama movie Mississippi Masala. From her stellar performance in the movie, she successfully caught the public attention and garnered a huge fan following.

As a result, many netizens were curious to know about her personal life. But mostly, folks wanted to know if she got married or who is her husband.

Sarita’s Husband Is a War Photographer

The British actress is married, but she prefers to keep her husband’s identity out of the spotlight. So, it’s still a mystery to people about him.

Nevertheless, Sarita revealed in a 2013 interview with DNA that her husband is a war photographer. Apart from that, she didn’t want to discuss about him.

Later, when the interviewer pressed more on her husband, she professed that he was not from her industry at all.

Sarita Choudhury revealed in an interview that her husband is a war photographer [Photo: Instagram]

Nevertheless, Sarita and her husband also welcomed a beautiful daughter named Maria in 2006. The daughter is now seventeen years old. She also stated in the interview that her daughter got blonde hair from her dad.

Furthermore, she was also rumored to be dating Sam Rockwell. While it is not known how their relationship rumors started, he did once say, “Sarita was the one that got away. She was amazing, really amazing. I loved Sarita. She was my pal.”

However, the context behind it remains a mystery.

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Sarita’s Daughter Is More Bollywood than Her

While Sarita chooses not to talk about her husband, she never fails to gush about her baby girl. She revealed in an interview with DNA that her daughter was more Bollywood than her.

Sarita professed that her life revolved around her seven-year-old daughter, Maria. She stated,

“She is such an actress! I think she is more of a Bollywood type. All her teachers tell me that she loves to perform.”

Furthermore, the Mississippi Masala and Kama Sutra actress revealed to the Times of India that she preferred to homeschool Maria when the youngster was traveling with her from New York.

Everywhere she went, she loved to bring her daughter along. Additionally, she had an agreement with her school that she would travel with her.

Sarita Choudhury has welcomed a beautiful daughter with her husband [Photo: Instagram]

The actress added, “If it’s a short trip, I prefer to home-school her. In any case, traveling also helps one to get educated.” Her baby accompanied her during the visit to Kolkata in order to promote her film For Real.

Moreover, in 2016, she admitted in a conversation with New York Live that she didn’t pick up her daughter from school anymore.

She said, “I don’t pick my daughter up from school as much anymore, and she kind of said she didn’t need me to, and it’s cuz she’s shy cuz now everyone knows me.”

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Sarita Chose Naseeruddin Shah as Her On-Screen Husband

Sarita Chowdhury chose her on-screen husband in a talk with the above-mentioned outlet, DNA. In the conversation, she was asked who she would prefer as her on-screen husband in Bollywood.

She replied that she would look compatible with the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah over anybody else.

Moreover, she added, “He (Naseeruddin Shah) is my Robert De Niro.” Sarita also expressed her desire to come back to India and do a film with him.

Back in the days, she was also offered Bollywood movies, but at that time, she wasn’t interested.