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Has Sarah Tiana Married Her Long-Time Beau Chris Brockman?

Suyasha Rupakheti


Sarah Tiana has been dating Chris Brockman for a long time now. In all these years of being together, the couple has people asking: When is she making him her husband?

Having met at a comedy store, did you know it took six months for Chris to admit that he was Sarah’s boyfriend? She talked about how they met and how their relationship progressed in a podcast.

Had Their Meet-Cute at Comedy Store

In a conversation with Christina P. on Where My Moms at Podcast, the comedian revealed that they met at the comedy store.

One of their old managers, Chris Burns, had begun working on The Rich Eisen Show, where her now-boyfriend was like the sidekick.

So, Burns brought Brockman to the comedy store. There, she saw him on the patio, and she had one distinctive thought that went through her mind: “That’s my boyfriend.”

However, she did not push the issue.

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Relationship Began Six Months After Their First Meet

Although Tiana distinctively thought Brockman was her boyfriend on their first meet, things did not unfold for the next six months. But he started following her on Twitter.

Once, she was making jokes about the Grammys. At that time, Brockman texted her, saying they should quit watching the Grammys and go to Dave & Buster’s.

To her, either he was also making jokes about it, or he might be following it on Twitter.

However, at first, when she saw his text, she did not remember who he was since it had been six months. But, later, she recognized him and agreed to meet him, asking if they could do it the next day at six o’clock.

The following day, the duo met at Dave & Buster’s. Brockman also went to her birthday party, and they have been together ever since. To be precise, the couple has been in a relationship since 2016.

The couple made their relationship Instagram official in April 2017, when she mentioned him as her boyfriend for the first time.

Chris Brockman mentioned Sarah Tiana in his post. [Photo: Instagram]

Since then, the adorable couple has been sharing numerous snaps on their social media and has never shied away from showing off their love for one another.

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Is Brockman Being Promoted to Husband from Boyfriend?

The couple has gone through several ups and downs since the start of their beautiful relationship. However, their love has never withered.

In the aforementioned podcast, the comedian got candid about it. She explained that initially, he was not ready to commit or be in a relationship which made her confused about why he didn’t want to say they were a couple.

Tiana revealed that, unlike her, he was a slow-paced person, which helped balance her out. So, she pulled back and slowed down everything, which eventually made everything wonderful.

Sarah Tiana and Chris Brockman have been dating since 2016. [Photo: Instagram]

As mentioned earlier, it took her six months to convince him, while she had already considered him to be her boyfriend the first time they met.

But, despite all these years of being together, the couple has shown no sign of getting hitched. She has, however, joked about it, saying they were not married, mostly because he was a Patriots fan and he didn’t deserve a ring from her.

A Proud Parents of a Baby Boy

Although the duo is yet to tie the knot, the couple is doting parents of a son. In February 2020, the amazing pair welcomed their baby boy, Cage Anthony Brockman, and they shared the news of his arrival on Instagram.

Cage’s arrival was really special for the couple as they had previously gone through an awful miscarriage at eight months. She revealed that the miscarriage lasted for two months, which was depressing for her.

Just before the miscarriage, the couple had decided to move in together. Tiana’s beau helped her through it a lot, and she revealed that he was amazing through it all.

So, the next year, they started talking about it again. She wanted to go to a doctor and see if everything was working right. So, when she did, the doctor revealed that if she wanted a baby, she should have begun the day before because she was old.

Then, Brockman’s lover went home in tears, expecting him to break up with her.

So, Tiana’s boyfriend asked her to try, and they made an appointment to do IVF because her doctor had told her to do it right away. While their IVF appointment was still three months away, and they conceived their boy in their second month.

Cage, whom Tiana claims to be the best baby ever, has become the center of their happiness. Well, only time will tell if the comedian will make Brockman her husband.