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Who is Chris Bianco’s Wife? Married Life of the Legendary Pizza Maker

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The award-winning chef Chris Bianco’s journey began in Phoenix in 1988. However, he was not alone in his journey, as his wife assisted him in helping run the business.

Chris and his wife have immense affection and gratitude towards each other and do not hesitate to showcase it to the world.

Who Is Chris Bianco’s Wife? Do They Have Any Children?

Chris is currently married to his spouse Mia Bianco. The couple tied the knot on February 2, 2013, which he described as one of his life’s greatest happiest days of his life.

After their beautiful wedding ceremony, the couple went to the United Kingdom for their honeymoon. Further, HITC reported Chris and Bianco spent their honeymoon traveling between London, Brighton, and Babington House in Somerset.

Chris Bianco And Mia Bianco [Photo: Instagram]

Additionally, according to Spoonmob, in 2013, Chris Bianco opened a 35-seat Italian restaurant, which added to his ever-growing restaurant empire.

The outlet was called Simply Italian Restaurant. It was located in Phoenix, in the space that was once occupied by Pizzeria Bianco at the Town and Country Shopping Center.

Together, Chris and Mia welcomed three children. Their babies are Nina Rose Bianco, Leo David Bianco, and Eva Lena Bianco, born on April 10, 2014, December 12, 2015, and September 29, 2017, respectively.

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Chris Bianco’s Wife Helped Him in the Pizza Business

The iconic pizza chef is a longtime friend of Jimmy Kimmel and was the center of attention on Chef’s Table: Pizza on Netflix. Furthermore, he was featured in the first episode of the show with his wife Mia.

He was one of six chefs in the Netflix documentary, which introduced some of the greatest pizza chefs in the world.

Chris’ wife joined him in the show, given that she supported him throughout the years.

As Chris Bianco oversaw multiple restaurants in Phoenix and Los Angeles, his wife helped him run his business while also looking after their children.

Besides, Chris had mentioned in his book that as a kid, he won two free plane tickets to anywhere in the United States, and he chose Phoenix.

After arriving, he decided to put Phoenix on the culinary map with pizza. When asked why he chose Phoenix, Chris replied that his wife, Mia went back three generations there, and his kids were also born there.

He further added it felt like home more than any place he had ever been.

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Chris Bianco| Founder of Pizzaria Bianco

Chris established Pizzeria Bianco in 1988 without having any idea he would be the driving force in the artisanal pizza movement.

All Chris knew was his food would have the sincere intention and respect he brought to his recipes. The chef believed it was the result of his relationship with the customers, staff, local producers, and farmers.

Bianco’s restaurant establishments and other food outlets were mostly renowned for handmade pasta and seasonal favorites. It included mainly local ingredients from farmers and artisans.

Chris Bianco With His Children [Photo: Instagram]

Due to his hard work and dedication in his work, Chris won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest in 2003. This made him the first pizzaiolo to receive the honorable award.

His success had helped a generation of artisanal pizzerias, who learned from his wisdom, advice, and food philosophies.