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Rory Farrell Revealed that He Has a Daughter

Prasiddha Gautam


Everyone’s perception of becoming a parent is different. Rory Farrell feels blessed and excited about his life cause of his daughter. She has given him a ray of hope to reinvent his life towards productive possibilities.

The artist felt the need to keep his baby hidden from the audience at first, but now has revealed her, but what about her mama?

Rory Is a Dad Now

Out of nowhere, in May 2023, Rory Farrell tweeted a video captioning, “I’ve been hiding a child?”

The question mark on the caption seemed a bit skeptical, and as the video went on, it took both sarcastic and serious aspects.

In the beginning, Rory said that he had been hiding a baby and then laughed in front of the audience. After the pressurized laughter, the guy swiftly said that he had a daughter.

The conversation took a serious turn as Farrell claimed that his child wasn’t hidden. When he found out that he had a child, he was overjoyed that god had offered a new start for him.

Like all great fathers, Rory also expressed how he wanted to make his child better than himself. He further added that he could provide all the things to his baby daughter that didn’t happen during his early years.

Rory’s childhood wasn’t good, as he contemplated in that video. He revealed that after the birth of his daughter, things improved between Rory and his parents.

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Rory’s Baby Mama

Rory took long enough to reveal his daughter, but he kept the information about his baby mama a secret. It is not often that he talks about his relationship or brings the details of his love life into the limelight.

However, his secret could not stay for long as a rapper named Livingston Allen, AKA DJ Akademiks, exposed the information about his baby mama.

Kiya Jacob holding her daughter [Photo- Instagram]

DJ Akademiks and Rory had beef since the latter had a letter delivered to Akademiks’ house. To get back at Rory, he exposed unrevealed details of Rory’s personal life.

So, Akademiks pointed out the post on Instagram of a woman named Kiya Jacob. In the post, Kiya was holding a child with red hair whom the YouTuber, who had uploaded the clip on his channel named NeverrGaveUp, deduced to be Rory’s child.

The two connection he sorted out was the red hair and the skin color of the infant. However, neither Kiya nor Rory has made any comments regarding whether the baby is theirs.

Nevertheless, Kiya Jacob is a model. She has over 6.3K followers on her social media, where she has shared a few pictures with her baby but without revealing her face.

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Rory and Sam Were Dating?

Farrell is known for keeping his relationship a secret. However, DJ Akedemiks, in the same video, pointed out that Rory was in a relationship with a girl named Sam. Further, they even exchanged some spicy tweets.

For instance, in February 2020, she retweeted a tweet from the American singer Jojo, who’d shared the tour dates for her album, Good to Know. Sam penned, “@thisisrory our relationship is in jeopardy if we don’t go to this. Tysm.”

Furthermore, in March 2019, he tweeted, saying his life was just tour date announcements at this point. In response to his tweet, Sam replied, “& Samantha,” to which he said that was the number 1 on the list.

Rory and Sam used to exchange some spicy tweets. [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, Sam replied, “Wow. Romance.” However, they never acknowledged anything about their relationship. While they were even rumored to be engaged, none of it has been proven.