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Fans Discussed If Linda Binda Is a Girl Or Guy

Dinesh Shrestha


Linda Binda is a popular TikTok star who started making videos in 2019. Since then, her hilarious content has gone viral, which entertained the people.

Moreover, she has garnered a huge fanbase around the world. While she uses ‘her’ pronouns, folks are still confused if she is a real girl or just wearing a weird wig. So, fans started to question about her on the forums and social media platforms.

Is Linda Binda Really a girl?

Netizens are desperate to know about her real identity. But it’s still a mystery for people. Even people who have been following her from the initial days couldn’t figure it out.

Nonetheless, some Reddit users believe that she is just trolling people online and it is just an act. Further, they added that she is really a young man in a bad wig in which there’s not even really any attempt to appear real.

While others didn’t have a single clue about it, one netizen penned, “Strange how a homosexual male goes on live dressed as a woman and flirts with straight guys.” There is no single evidence to prove it, so it remains secret.

Linda Binda left the netizens in the dark if she is a real girl or a guy [Photo: Instagram]

Out of all this, all people are enjoying her hilarious content. One user said, “Yeah, still a huge Linda Binda fan just bc the goofy comic relief is nice. Even the little side plots are nonsensical drama. Helps me empty my brain for a few minutes.”

Her acts seem real, which confuses all others. Regardless, she has gathered a huge fan following till now, which is still growing.

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Garnered a Huge Fan Following

The social media influencer has gathered a huge fan base from around the world on different social media platforms. People love her content and enjoy each and every video of her, which is evident from her video comment section.

Through her content, she has gained many followers. As of writing, she has 247.9K followers on her TikTok account. She posts short, hilarious videos to entertain her followers.

In fact, netizens loved to see her talking with Jupiter (another TikTok user). Linda joined TikTok in 2019 and considers herself as “the cringe queen since 2019.”

Linda Binda has gathered a huge fan following on her different social media platforms [Photo: Instagram]

Her videos gained millions of views in a short time. Furthermore, Linda has gathered around 2K followers on Instagram.

There, she also shared her TikTok videos. Linda also joined YouTube in October 2022 and has now 14K subscribers. She uploads a video of her talks with other people. The influencer also created a song named ‘This Bindussy.’

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Other than that, she hasn’t revealed anything about her personal information. But when she was in TikTok Live, she mentioned that she was in her early 20s.