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Everything You Need to Know about Balarke

Dinesh Shrestha


Balarke is a famous musical artist and YouTuber who has garnered a huge fanbase around the world. He has released multiple songs and has uploaded reaction videos, which gained a considerable view on his YouTube channel.

The YouTuber uses his stage name everywhere on his social media handle. Therefore, netizens are curious to know about his real name.

Balarke Revealed the Three Letters of His Real Name

Balarke hasn’t revealed his full real name yet, but in an August 2022 video, he said that the first three letters of his name were “Men.”

Eventually, that was the only hint that he gave. So, fans took the topics on Reddit and discussed his possible name. Some netizens thought that it might be Mena, while others said that it was his last name.

People were guessing different names, like Menandez. Out of all this, one user confirmed that he revealed his real one in the 400k livestream, which is Mena.

Balarke left the people in the dark regarding his real name [Photo: Instagram]

However, nothing has been confirmed yet, and the musical artist has still left people with a mystery regarding it.

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Balarke Grew Up with His Elder Brother MINIKLIN

The YouTuber was born on May 22, 2002, in England. The 21-year-old musical artist is a Pop culture commentator and YouTube content creator mainly known for uploading videos about trending topics.

He grew up with his elder brother, whose stage name is MINIKLIN. The latter is also the YouTuber star who was born four years before him.

His brother has also gained massive popularity on YouTube for his reaction and social media commentary videos, including personal vlogging entries.

Balarke grew up with his elder brother Miniklin, who is a YouTube star [Photo: Instagram]

The two also uploaded a Mukbang video on YouTube in July 2019.

Talking about Balarke’s oldest archived video, he made a tutorial for making thumbnails in Photoshop. In addition, he also made a video about obtaining unlimited credits in Rainbow Six Siege that was viewed more than 150,000 times.

As of writing, he has 431K subscribers on his primary channel, whereas over 80K netizens subscribed to his secondary YouTube channel. He isn’t much active on Instagram, but he has gained over 50K followers.

Furthermore, he also opened his own merchandise company named Mangxetsu, where he sells T-shirts and hoodies.

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Made His Relationship Public Through His YouTube video

The musical artist is currently in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend. He recently revealed his partner through his YouTube video. However, he kept her real name and face a mystery.

He was in the United States at that time. He stayed there with his girlfriend for eleven days, and it was his last day there.

One day before leaving the USA, he made a vlog with her where they went to the Cheesfactory and later to the Escape room. It was actually his second time going to the Escape room. He stated in the video that he couldn’t film the first one.

The adorable couple successfully solved the puzzle and got out of the room.

Nevertheless, he had already given a hint to the netizens regarding his relationship. Since 2020, he has frequently tweeted about his girlfriend. Later, in April 2021, he penned in a tweet that he had found a real partner and he was in love with her.

After that, he stopped tweeting about his lover. Nevertheless, fans are eager to know who the girl is.