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Cristin Milioti Started Dating Her Boyfriend Jesse Hooker in the Late 2000s

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Cristin Milioti is best known for her role as Tracy McConnell in the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Although her character’s love transmuted into marriage in the show, her real-life relationship has not met the same fate.

Previously, Cristin started dating Jesse Hooker in the late 2000s. The duo was introduced to each other through a mutual connection and proceeded to have a relationship for more than half a decade. 

Cristin’s Romantic Tale with Jesse

Cristin and Jesse were linked to each other and were rumored for a long time until she confirmed it to The New York Times in 2012.

At that time, the couple’s engagement rumors were also popular, but she denied them, saying, “No, I swear to you I’m telling the truth! My boyfriend’s going to get such a kick out of that.”

Cristin Milioti denied the rumors of her engagement with then-boyfriend Jesse Hooker. [Source: YouTube]

Furthermore, Cristin and Jesse were living together in an apartment located in Brooklyn for over a year.

She also had shared about her experience in building the former textile mill into a suitable apartment, along with her actor-turned-woodworker boyfriend.

Later, in 2014, Cristin also told The Hollywood Reporter that they had been in a happy relationship for five years.

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Who Is Jesse Hooker?

Born on April 19, 1980, Jesse Hooker is a former actor himself. He has acted in some movies and plays, but his voice acting career is a highlight, particularly.

It is because he voiced the character of Portgaz D. Trace in the English version of one of the most popular animes, One Piece.

Jesse Hooker also was a voice actor in the past. [Source: LinkedIn]

Besides, Jesse has not been active in his acting career since 2012. According to WoodWorker’s Journal, he left his acting career to find peace in woodworking.

He took the decision because he was not able to see tangible results out of, in his own words, ‘ethereal acting work.’

Furthermore, Jesse used to own a woodworking company called Hooker & Co. in Brooklyn. But according to his LinkedIn profile, the company seems to have dissolved in 2016.

He then worked at Pink Sparrow as a senior project manager and later as a First Mate at S/V FALCO.

Are Cristin and Jesse Still Together?

Unfortunately, neither she nor her boyfriend have officially commented about their possible breakup.

However, as per a 2020 article in Distracify, the beautiful actress opted for self-help books and also hinted that the change in her daily life was a breakup.

Furthermore, in the same year, Cristin recalled tough times of around 2016, stating some things in her life were eye-opening, and she had moments of realization that if things don’t work despite trying hard, one should try something else.

Could it be that her statement was the last and only clue regarding the break-up with Jesse?

Moreover, there seems to be a Jesse Hooker Instagram account matching his descriptions, where he posts photos of his adventurous travels.

And among all, there’s a mid-2022 birthday post for a lady named Abby Morgan. She’s holding a child in the posted photo, and Jesse has captioned the picture, “I’d be rudderless with out you…..Love you and see you both soon!”

Could it be Cristin and her partner have already parted ways, and he has even moved on?

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Cristin’s Dating Rumors with Josh Radnor

Cristin’s character, Tracy, was the wife of Josh Radnor’s character, Ted Mosby, who is the lead of How I Met Your Mother. Their chemistry was the main plot of the show, and the sitcom’s followers quite liked it. 

Fans were so invested in these HIMYM actors’ on-screen love that they wanted it to come true in real life.

Some users on Reddit also noticed Radnor getting nervous while talking to Cristin in promotional interviews. Due to these, the fan fantasy peaked when the show’s last season was on air.

Fans speculated if Cristin Milioti and Josh Radnor would ever date. [Source: Reddit]

Cut to 2022, Radnor told PageSix that he was dating somebody but didn’t reveal her name. Some speculated his date to be Abigail Spencer.

In addition, Cristin has been on many prime-time late-night talk shows to promote her work. And despite hosts trying, none has succeeded in unveiling her love interest.

In fact, her only publicly known relationship was with Jesse, revealed 15 years ago.

She is also very inactive on social media, secretive regarding her personal life, and hasn’t spoken officially about her current dating scenes.